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Though he's paid most, Bill Self 7th in Big 12 in dollars/win; the best GIFs, buzzer-beaters of 2012-13

I agree the $$/win is interesting. It is also confusing to say Self is 7th -- you should probably say he's 4th, but whatever.

The deal is classic. Air guitars and bow and arrows + marshall henderson + a lot of Hawks, you are right, it's hard to have a bad day having seen that.

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Opinion: Ben McLemore also stands out when blending in

Comedic genius this comment is.

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Opinion: Perry Ellis will get the hang of banging

I didn't know those "hobbies" contributed to the lack of desire for contact. Pretty weird.

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KU basketball recruit Joel Embiid to narrow list next week

Exactly...talking purely business schools, KU unfortunately is at best 3rd and at worst 5th on that list. Couple that with potential PT...KU is probably not the place for him.

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Former Jayhawk Chris Harris' huge performance on Monday Night Football

Nice article Tait...the fact that he's doing it all for the Broncos probably doesn't hurt either, right...

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KU thrower Finley transfers to Wyoming

Should there be more of discussion after this line:

"The Salida, Colo., native’s dad, Jared, was an All-America discus thrower at Wyoming in 1979."

??? Sure it sucks but there's enough dots to connect here to make it a sort-of sad but unambiguous story.

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KU freshman Rio Adams fully qualified for scholarship

Being 6-8 and having had to make many a translatlantic flights in coach, let me tell you -- it sucks. Hard. And for a long time.

By my count, 7 legit players for 1-2-3 and 7 legit players for 4-5. Would almost bet we're looking at 2-3 redshirts...

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Tough guys: staff picks for Kansas enforcers

Moran Norris for sure. To this day strongest man by far I've ever seen in a weight room. Did triceps with 90-lb dumbbells -- Bill Bradsky-esque.

Also, Scott Russell, the big Canuck thrower for track and field. That guy is pretty much Mason Finley size.

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Nearby Nets draft Tyshawn Taylor after second-round slide

It's semantics, the way the draft works in the NBA. The deal for the pick can't be finalized until it's cleared by the NBA office, which happens after the draft. Pretty dumb, but the way it works -- I guess to prevent really bad deals from happening.

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