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Elijah Johnson regrets travel call

also Rule 4, Art. 5a and 5b clarify further:

Art. 5. After coming to a stop when neither foot can be the pivot foot:
a. One or both feet may be lifted, but may not be returned to the playing
court, before the ball is released on a pass or try for goal;
b. Neither foot shall be lifted, before the ball is released, to start a dribble.

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Elijah Johnson regrets travel call

Unfortunately, the ref got it correct...NCAA Rule 4, Art. 4b...states:
b. The pivot foot shall not be lifted before the ball is released to start a

it was all too familiar a scene...Lee v. Warrick...

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Thomas Robinson wills KU, tops rankings

according to, Withey has 27 and Davis has 23, after yesterday's games!

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Thomas Robinson wills KU, tops rankings

from what I have seen, Withey is 3 blocks away from breaking the all-time blocks record for postseason play!

This is the "not updated" list:

Most Blocked Shots

29, Joakim Noah, Florida, 2006 (6 games)
24, Loren Woods, Arizona, 2001 (6 games)
23, David Robinson, Navy, 1986 (4)
21, Ken Johnson, Ohio State, 1999 (5)
21, Kevin Love, UCLA, 2008 (5)
20, Tim Perry, Temple, 1988 (4)

I will say "unofficially" officially, Withey has 27 for this year's tourney!! Keep it up, Big Guy!!!

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Baker coach Brett Ballard will be assistant under Danny Manning at Tulsa

and what will manhattan be like if they go with Boyle or Jankovich? we might have to come up with a number system as opposed to directions due to us "owning" so many venues!!

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Baker coach Brett Ballard will be assistant under Danny Manning at Tulsa

Div. I Assistant > NAIA HC...its called moving up in the profession! IMHO, excellent move, Coach Ballard!

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... Big Easy go

anybody know where Raef is at these days? would he make a good addition?

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... Big Easy go

i could add...Lee at USF, "Floor Burn" Haase, Alvin Gentry, Greg Popovich, J. Case, CB McGrath, S. Woodberry, M. Doherty...

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... Big Easy go

Mr. Bedore, what are the chances someone could come up with a list of former Hawks (players and former coaches, too) that are in the coaching profession some capacity...Jeff Hawkins, Boschee, Ballard, Vaughn, Walters, etc. It would be nice to know who from Jayhawk Nation is making an impact on this fine seems our influence grows and expands each year...

on that note, the Hutch News lists Tad Boyle and Tim Jankovich as possibles for the K-State job...granted Jank played at State, but he would also take the KU influence into Manhattan, too!

just thinking outloud, but if Jankovich takes job in Manhattan, what are the chances he pulls Ballard from BU...Ballard played for Jank at HCC and then followed him to KU when Jank came on as an assistant. how weird and cool would it be to have two former Jayhawks coaching in Manhattan?

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Who has been KU's most valuable player in the NCAA Tournament?

that seems to be the best thing about this team...looking at the tourney as a whole body of work, EJ has been the most consistent. But, each game, someone has been able to step up and be huge for us! Releford has been outstanding on shutdown D for most of the tourney...Withey and TT were huge against UNC...TRob has had big games. Even Young has been huge for and rebounds! We have seen what happens when teams can shut down the one or two playmakers on the team...that is why those teams are no longer playing! it seems each of the Final 4 teams are built around the team concept, where each part is vital (maybe a little less with OSU than the others). We just need our guys to ALL come together for two more games. If everyone is clicking...whew...I can't even imagine, cause I don't think we have seen it yet this season!

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