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Four members of KU's 2022 recruiting class sign national letters of intent to officially join Jayhawks

not sure who all will be around next year but these 4 and the 3 freshman from last night make up an exciting future.

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Considering KU's options in the starting lineup if Jalen Wilson is out any length of time

trust me i know--i've made uncountable regrettable decisions under impairment. At this stage i am just surprised people even start the night with their car--i.e. use an uber at the get go and not just to get home

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Considering KU's options in the starting lineup if Jalen Wilson is out any length of time

not piling on this kid--everyone makes mistakes--i just dont understand with Uber and Lyft how people still get DUIs--not that it was an excuse before not to take a cab but now it's at the touch of your finger tips it doesn't make sense to me. why are driving on a night out to start?

obv most importantly no one was hurt hopefully he'll learn and move on.

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KU guard Remy Martin receives new car as part of NIL deal with Crown Toyota

coaches are getting contracts worth $50M, the NCAA is getting paid over a $1B dollar for the basketball tournament rights--and this doesn't even consider what they make from football. It has been all about the money for a long long time. the only difference now is the people putting on the show are getting a piece.

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K-State students find unique way to celebrate USC's NCAA Tournament basketball win over Kansas

sad that they did this, sadder i read about it, saddest i commented on it....

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Kansas guard Marcus Garrett not selected in 2021 NBA draft

great kid but given today's NBA i think it is going to be tough--that said, watching the finals Jrue Holiday and Erick Tucker's biggest contribution was on the defensive side of the ball. Regardless, he is positioned to have a wonderful professional career somewhere.

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Big 12's Texas, Oklahoma make request to join powerhouse SEC

agreed--unless there is a coaching change then any athlete should be able to leave within the same time frame as the coach.

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Proactive approach critical for KU if Oklahoma and Texas really do leave the Big 12

was "pier reviewing" a joke--if so hilarious to use while disparaging people who dedicate their lives to higher learning...the irony is not lost.

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Georgia transfer Sahvir Wheeler picks Kentucky

nothing to do with this kid but if i had one year to play left it would be hard to pick KU given the current uncertainty. unless I am wrong we could possibly be banned from next year's tourney, correct? if that's the case not sure any one year player chooses KS.

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