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Kansas basketball lands commitment from 4-star forward Zach Clemence

6-10 outside shooter. that is cool--don't recall too many 4's at KU that play outside.

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Azubuike, Self receive votes for AP player, coach of the year

get the player he was great. but dont think the coach should won. i know they can't really control their SOS but how many games did they when where the spread was close or they were not favored?

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Postgame Report Card: No. 4 Duke 68, No. 3 Kansas 66

Turning the ball over 28 times equates to a D? not sure i want to see an F.

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Jalen Wilson's addition all about versatility — past, present and future

Why do you see Tristan Enaruna redshirting? I thought redshirts would be beneficial if he were planning on staying a fifth year. Do you see him staying that long or are there other benefits?

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2020 star set to announce Top 10 schools

how does this even qualify as news?

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He's Back: Kansas point guard Devon Dotson announces return to KU

Agreed--Newell was projecting the same:

PG Devon Dotson
G Ochai Agbaji
G Marcus Garrett
PF Silvio De Sousa
C Udoka Azubuike

Bench: David McCormack, Tristan Enaruna, Mitch Lightfoot, Christian Braun, Issac McBride

Good line up--extremely athletic. Curious how the lack of a shooters will play out. Dotson started looking good at the end of the year. Och had good stretches.

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Decision Day arrives for 5-star KU basketball target R.J. Hampton

i think Hampton moved up his deadline because of SDS getting cleared. He wanted to make sure the front court was good enough to win a national championship and help the guard play. I think he is confident enough and knows he will get a enough playing time regardless of which guards come back--or maybe he already knows which guards are headed back...either way i think we will see him in KU jersey next year! (fingers crossed)

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Five-star target R.J. Hampton eyeing return visit to Kansas; may join good friend Jalen Wilson later this month

Great news--both seem like good fits and Wilson sounds like here will be here at least two years.

Hoping we get good news from Dotson and Grimes as well. Dotson is more important but i think Grimes will be an interesting player if he comes back. Reminds me a lot of Henry and similarly i think both could use a second year to refine their fundamentals. I get the rush but typically, with most things, it is advantageous to build a solid base that can last opposed to hastily forcing something and being impatient. I think if Henry would have stayed and developed some he may have stayed around the NBA longer.

anyone know when the NBA may alter the one year post HS/19 rule? Will be interesting to see what happens the following draft and players staying longer in college to wait out a draft rush.

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KU involved with 1 of top 2020 prospects and possible favorite to land 2019 standouts

have a good feeling about Hampton coming to KU. Kind of felt that is why Tucker didn't come to KU because he knew Hampton may eat into his PT.

Would be more surprised if Precious came here but that would be awesome. He appears on the cover to remind me a lot of SDS so if/when he gets freed there would be a healthy competition.

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Top-10 big man Matthew Hurt chooses Duke

no surprise there. sure everyone will comment on how much he got paid but there is something bigger going on. strange how one expert said after three years KU went to bottom of the list. granted just his opinion but still seems to be something bigger going one here.

" I’d be surprised if it’s not Duke on Friday,” Rivals recruiting analyst Corey Evans said. “I think Kentucky still has some optimism there. North Carolina is in there, as well. It seems like Kansas is entirely out, which is pretty crazy to me. They were the team to beat for three years, and now they’re one of the last ones out.”"

feels like there is a recruiting stench around KU this year. losing Hurt who they have been recruiting for 3 years and Earl's son--- maybe self should have said he wasnt going anywhere, if he knew, before the middle of April--especially if he was hearing that was being used against him.

team starting to look pretty thin next year....maybe a good thing

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