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Conner Frankamp decides to transfer from KU basketball team

Thanks Suzi.

If Conner goes somewhere and becomes a Brady Heslip/Phil Forte/Spike Albrecht/Ron Baker I'm going to be pretty irritated with our loss (happy for CF though). Conner IS one of those players, we just missed the boat on making him FEEL like he is that player on our team.

On the bright side, perhaps Svi can be our Luke Hancock.

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Conner Frankamp decides to transfer from KU basketball team

I said it when AWIII transferred: These are the types of players we want on the roster when we are bellyaching watching the 5 *best* players on the team fall apart because of high expectations and weak effort.

This is a big deal in my eyes. This kid bled Crimson and Blue and even performed admirably last post season, yet he didn't feel important enough on the team. Several posters wanted him as the STARTING PG simply because of his care of the ball and clear love of the game. I don't want to lose any more players like CF and AWIII.

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Ukrainian wing Mykhailiuk chooses KU

I actually think a fair majority of us really like Frank and want to see him succeed. The dude is a bulldog and has an ice-cold demeanor. He made plenty of freshman mistakes last season, but overall I think he over-achieved. It is way too early to crown him KU's savior at PG, but he certainly seems capable if he puts in the work and keeps maturing.

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Andrew Wiggins' vertical performance goes viral

The standard max on the Vertec is 12 feet, but do you think they use a standard device for NBA prospects? I have seen Wiggins dunk with his elbows around rim-height, so I feel like 12 feet isn't unrealistic. In fact, I remember reading an article pre-his time at KU that mentioned his vertical being "too high for the measuring device." I really don't think this performance lab would post the pic without it being worthwhile.

BMac posted a 40+ vertical at the combine and Wigs has more bounce than he does. A lot of people are calling it 44 inches, and I did my own relative measurements assuming the outlet covers are standard height of 4.5 in and came up with about the same number.

It is over 40 inches for sure. The guy standing there doesn't seem THAT much shorter than Wiggins... maybe 6'1" to 6'4". Wiggin's heels are above midpoint on the guy.

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Kansas softball stays out of Border War of words

"...since it fled for the SEC."

Nice Benton. +1

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Border War not dead yet?

We hate MU. It is not a "friendly rivalry" with back-patting and hand-shaking at the end of the day. We hate them and don't want anything to do with them because they are beneath us. The hatred is not dead, and I am quite content now pretending they don't exist. I hope we continue to not give them the time of day. Play them only if we are forced by a tournament.

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Andrew White to transfer from KU

To be fair, you are correct in that he never played 1 last year.

However, I think it is well-known he is a Dwyane Wade-type guy who has a capable PG skill set. He may never run a play in college, but I predict he may in the NBA.

“I think next year, from that (point-guard) position, you have Devonte’, you have Conner (Frankamp), you have Frank (Mason) and then Wayne (Selden Jr.) will develop into a guy that can do that spot-wise time to time,” Self said. “That may be about as deep a position as we have on our team if guys continue to get better and improve.”

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Andrew White to transfer from KU

How are we stacked at the 2 and 3? We are 2-deep at both positions. More specifically we have 2 combo guards (Selden, Frankamp) and 2 swingmen (Greene, Oubre). That is a pretty good core set of players, but I'm not so sure we are stacked.

One could say we are stacked at PF, though.

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Andrew White to transfer from KU

I loved Wiggins and, even more so, Embiid. I think extremely highly of McLemore, thought Henry was a great player mixed up in a poor situation, and even thought Selby's heart was in the right place despite being misguided by NBA aspirations.

However, until proven otherwise, I am convinced we need a Travis Releford, Russell Robinson, Darnell Jackson, Sherron Collins, etc. in order to be a "pedigree" Kansas team. I thought AW3 was that guy for us, but it is quite possible his ability just didn't match up to his effort level (which makes it even more frustrating for Andrew and us as the fans rooting for him).

I look for Selden to be that guy for us next year. He may not have the years, but he clearly seems to have bought in to Kansas basketball. If not, I think we are in for another long year unless Cliff comes in and maybe shows us some (what would be rather surprising) maturity (kind of like Julius Randle seemed to have for UK).

I agree that a mix of temporary talent can help the program, but we can't play Self Ball without the "sense of direction" the previously listed guys gave the team.

Wiggins is an extraordinary talent, was the sole reason we won some games, and I am glad he wore Crimson and Blue, but imagine our team last year with Releford instead of Wiggins. Better yet, imagine the team last year with OAD talent (Wiggins/Embiid/Selden), AND hard-nosed senior leadership (Collins/Robinson playing point for us, Releford as a rotation player at the 2 and 3, Black and Jackson as rotation players at the 4 and 5). You put one of those previously mentioned 4-year players on the team last year and we would be talking a whole different turkey.

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