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KU freshman Tristan Enaruna showing signs of high ceiling early on

Hey Creg, did you pay attention in middle school when we learned how percentages work? It's pretty easy to be 50% this year considering he's only taken 4 three-point shots. His career average is about 25% when you take over 100 attempts into account

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KU freshman Tristan Enaruna showing signs of high ceiling early on

McCormack or Dok, we can't start nor should we ever play 2 centers who can't shoot jump shots at the same time. It's 2019, you can't get away with that anymore. Enaruna is the future (more like the present) of basketball. We are going to get annihilated by great teams if we don't have 3 guys on the court at all times who can shoot from outside. Garrett is hopeless in that area but a necessary lockdown defender. Just look at how we've lost our last couple of games in the tourney...we get DESTROYED from outside and have no answer when teams get hot.

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KU big Silvio De Sousa will prove to be more effective than he looked in opener

He needs to be working with Perry Ellis every spare moment he has.

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Kansas point guard Devon Dotson announces decision to test NBA draft status

Good for him. Why wouldn't any CBB player with NBA hopes not take advantage of this evaluation process and get experience working with an agent? It offers a great outside perspective on what they need to work on and introduces them to the business side of the sport. Imagine if we all got to sit in on college courses for a summer while we were in high school so we knew what to expect.

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Breaking down the future of KU's basketball roster

I wouldn't get that excited about Dawkins. He had a fun run this year and almost beat a great team. But the guy is the same age as Self and has only made 2 NCAA TOURNEY APPEARANCES in 11 SEASONS! Self had been to 2 ELITE EIGHTS in 5 TOURNEY APPEARANCES in 10 SEASONS before taking over at KU (not to mention, the team he left behind at Illinois went on to the national title two seasons later). If you want a successful coach from the Dukie tree keep your eyes on Steve Wojciechowski. 2 TOURNEY APPEARANCES in only 5 SEASONS and he's more than ten years younger than Self and Dawkins. Even a guy like Wojciechowski still has a lot more to prove before taking over a blue blood program. We aim higher than that

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Breaking down the future of KU's basketball roster

I think what most people are thinking is that it wouldn't be by "choice." And yes, there has been talk of him jumping to the NBA since 2008. Just because he and the NBA admin can't openly comment on it doesn't mean there isn't "talk." It's the same talk that surrounds Coach K, Calipari, etc. every year. I 100% guarantee you Self and his agent are contacted by multiple GM's every year, whether formally or informally. One exposed slip-up linked directly to Self and he not only faces huge NCAA penalties, he could be indicted on federal charges. Think about it, there are assistants HE KNOWS PERSONALLY that are going to jail...real jail...not NCAA jail. Hell, Sean Miller might be following them. That would spook anyone in their right mind. If he gets implicated in something major, he's gone, it'll just be a matter of where to.

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Family Fun: NCAA pays family travel expenses for Final Four participants

Holy crap good call. Makes sense too, he and Self go way back

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Family Fun: NCAA pays family travel expenses for Final Four participants

You can totally offer a sarcastic remark. This policy has some MAJOR equity issues for students with family who need to travel from far away. Like Henry mentioned above, they should help the families book airfare first and then offer an equal amount for them to find lodging and food. I guarantee Lightfoot's family is spending a fraction of what our international players are going to spend to book airfare. It's a well-intentioned policy but equal treatment isn't always fair.

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KU chancellor states confidence in AD Zenger, football coach Beaty

Haha my dad has been saying this since day one. John Currie made Zenger look like a fool while he was at K-State. I think we'll catch up with Bill Snyder Family Stadium by about 2045

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'We just sputtered': Jayhawks dropped by Central Michigan, 45-27

I feel like the only stat line that matters, and will serve as an effective gauge of how this season progresses, is the turnover margin. We can have all the talent (or lack thereof) and solid coaching (or lack thereof) but if we can't protect the ball and keep giving up easy points...we probably won't win another game.

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