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Benton Smith: Jayhawks should be even tougher to beat with McCormack back — as a backup

Tony, I am not sure that Silvio really helps. Why hasn't Mac and Silvio been any good this year together? I hate to say it, as much as I like him, but it might be time for Silvio to go International or D league especiallly with Muscadin and possibly Thor coming next year. <br><br>
I am not sure that HCBS won't still play two bigs just a little, it could create matchup problems on occaision, but happy to hear that a four guard offense with Az in the middle is decided on. I also would like to see Moss and Braun starting. Let Mac, Garrett, and Enaruna come off the bench. Wow!! the 3 point potential with Moss Braun with Dotson and Ag in at the same time will be hard to beat! Play em and let the chemistry develop!!

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Notebook: Christian Braun honors Kobe Bryant during first career start at OSU

Braun looked awesome and it will be hard to put him back on the bench. IMO, KU maybe finding its lineup....Dot, Ag, Moss, Braun, and Az with Garrett, Enaruna and Mac coming off the bench.

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Udoka the dominator: Azubuike powers shorthanded Kansas team to 74-68 win over Tennessee

Looked like Garrett was asked to rebound and delivered in this game. Im not sure what happened to Moss....he kind of disappeared and Enaruna got just 5 minutes. I hope he get more than that in the next game. It's time for him to get some game time and develop. Not to leave out the rest but obvisouly a great game for the others!

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KU football adds another O-lineman to 2020 class

Maybe. KU needs to over-recruit the OL and DL. If it takes four players to find one that develops then so be it. Once KU fills the OL and DL with players that can compete and KU has a winning season finding better recruits will become easier.

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KU forward Silvio De Sousa suspended indefinitely

Im not sure I understand what your saying Joe. Are the players or fans involved in this Italian?

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Jayhawks searching for more offense in defensive-minded Big 12

Like an engineer, Self is trying to change just one thing at time to see what works. Weaknesses in Three point shooting, Defense beyond the arc, Turnovers, and Free throw shooting. Moss appears to be part of the answer. Moss adds offense and scoring from outside, shoots 87 percent Free throw on a team that is only shooting 65, and his turnover ratio is 2/3rd's Dotson or Garrett, and I have no opinion of his defense against the three. So Moss should be getting 30 minutes a game at this point. Garrett and Ochai should battle it out for what remains. So far both are mediocre from the line, the three, and have too many turnover percentagewise. Enaurana and Braun have been anemic at best

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I'm Batman: Marcus Garrett's big game at Oklahoma draws superhero comparison from Kansas coach Bill Self

Not Surprised. Marcus is a Point Guard not a shooting guard. Maybe he should be playing the point all the time. Puttin our best defender against the other teams PG is not a bad idea. Plus, maybe Dotson playing SG would be better for him. Moss put in 20 first time out with Garrett feeding the ball. Hmm.<br><br>
However, KU is ranked in the top 10 overall but we are ranked like 177th in turnovers per game. We average over 14 turnovers per game. In this game ww had only 11 and it was Dok that TO'd the ball 4 times. Garrett only once. But, a good ball handling team should average less than 10 and once in a game with just 6 or 7. So far.....not happening.

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Jayhawks eyeing more consistency from Isaiah Moss to help KU offense

Pretty good analysis. Two Bigs getting more rebounds is expected. But,
KU's guards are getting beat. Baylor was able to strip us of the ball in various different ways and by just out hustling us. <br><br> Free Throws and Turnovers. Az is 23 of 59, and our bench, Braun and Enaruna, are just as bad. BUT... TURNOVERS PER GAME: 14.2 TOPG!!!<BR><BR>
KU is ranked in the top 10 overall but we are ranked like 177th in turnovers per game. We suck because we can't hold onto the ball. Baylor 5 Turnnovers, and KU had 14 - You gotta to be kidding me!
A difference of 10 turnovers @50% is 10 points. 3-4 TO less and better free throw shooting and it could have been different.

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High school-heavy 2020 recruiting class the latest reason to be intrigued by the future of Kansas football

Completely Disagree. Beaty did exactly what he was paid to do and had to do.
Beaty in his first year had over 60 walkons!! In his tenure KU went from having 45 scholarships to over 70. Beaty's job was to fill the scholarships and find a player or two to build upon. Nobody else wanted the job and Beaty took it and aleast did that. It's just too bad he couldn't coach. But now from Beaty's effort, after just one year HCLM has a team with over 75 scholarships filled and most players are local coming from Kansas and the surrounding states. The vast majority of the transfers are gone. So Blame Weis. Weis chased everyone away.

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KU's best lineup emerged out of the muck in win over WVU

Personally I think its a good strategy. Start Big and if it works then stick with it. If not, after playing against two big men for five minutes or so, changing to defending against a four guard lineup is a significant adjustment and can also throw you off balance. Plus, there is no better way to develop our big men than by playing them. I also like our ability to rotate in the others and mix it up even further. KU's versatility should be a big advantage going into March.<br><br>
If you start one way and only play one way over and over and over even average teams can come with a strategy that can sometimes be affective against better teams.

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