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KU AD Jeff Long announces departmentwide furloughs, pay cuts

In my opinion, all of them are getting off light. they should be ecstatic. Most industries have been furloughing 1 to 2 days per week if not permanently. Long lives in LA LA LAND and is spending down the money and is expecting a 10-20% shortfall even without Covid....soon to be asking for a bailout.

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Kansas coach Bill Self not in favor of proposed change to NCAA transfer rules

Bill is right...NO, it will only increase the amount of money under the table. Alumini Billionaires from Northern South Alaska U will be buying teams to win the championship. Here is what I think the solutions should be.. <br><br>
1. What needs to happen...The end of Player scholarships!!! They don't deserve it academically or financially!! These scholarships pay too much and in essence these kids earn to much to qualify for financial assistance and these kids are unable to earn it outside basketball. Getting $40K plus annually, Tuition, books, plus room, food without being taxed is ridiculous. 99% of all scholarships are for something $4000 a year or less....very few students ever get this much finanacial assistance and almost all end up owing 50K or more in student loans by graduation. <br><br>
2. What also needs to happen is..... NCAA Basketball Player Contracts!!! One standardized TWO year NCAA Basketball Educational Contract signed by player and school. All players sign the same deal! The only extra money a player would be allowed to earn would be from additional NCAA approved contracts allowing players to market their own images, name, etc. Otherwise any other work or contract is a breech of contract.<br><br>
How: Each shool would have ownership in the NCAA and act as a manager having right to hire 13 basketball players under contract every year. The salary contract would be amount of the Tuition, books, room, board, and meal plan of the school they will be attending, plus standard stipend like $2000/month to give the players the same basic amount of pocket money. Educational expenses would be deducted pre-tax. Colleges would pay into the NCAA money earned from ticket sales and then the NCAA would act as the HR department cutting checks back to the players deducting the amount of tuition, etc. thus paying back the school for the players education. No different than working for any company that helps pay for an employees education. And my guess is that such a contract would end up being valued over $100,000 that to players in the D-league!!<br><br>
Result: ELIMINATE the One and Done player. Colleges get two year commitments with rights, and right of release. Money under the table would be breaking terms of the contract and players would be liable for damages. Any suspensions due to academic failure, personal actions, would also have monetary consequences. Since all contracts for player images need NCAA approval, and companies such as Nike would also be seeking NCAA approval making them subject to being banned or limited in number of contracts if found bribing players and paying them under the table. Further, the approved player image contracts would also be tracked and paid to the player through the NCAA, making sure that everything is transparent. Just my guess as to whats coming and the way I see it.....IDK.

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NCAA source confirms request for KU's allegations case to be heard by independent panel

You are correct, "voluntary" is a bogus statement. I wish paying taxes were truly voluntary and I could stop because I think our government doesn't deserve it. <Br><br> But....your point is, it is not voluntary if you are a Division 1 University and want to be affiliated with a conference and have amatuer athletic programs in order to raise money for scholarshps and the school. Pretty much the University has no choice, and in order to play you have to "voluntarily" follow their rules and their punishments. In concept I have no problem with that except that any rules, decisions, punishments, should be founded on our legal concepts and based on facts, follow due process, and not be based on perceptions or innuendo. I cannot think of any organization that should not have to adhere to basic legal principals, rules of evidence, facts, and try to emulate our courts in their own disciplinary actions. If organizations or people want to hand out punishments without tthe type of proof that holds up in a court then the organization or person needs to be shutdown. Organizations like the this, in this case the NCAA, play politics, are filled with favortism, practice discrimination and abuse in their own interest.

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3-star Arkansas tight end Mason Brotherton picks Kansas

Well said!!!<br><br>
KU is at the halfway point. Beatty did KU a favor in the Freshman and Sophomore classes he left us - mostly made of HS recruits. In two years KU will have experienced 5th year Seniors that will be mentoring incoming Freshmen with most of the team made up of 3 Star players. At that point, in the same system, its a matter of conditioning and execution.

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Mr. Louisiana: Kansas running back Pooka Williams wins online vote as best back in home state's prep history

I am pretty sure Tony Hull brought him when he didn't get primary attention from LSU. Tony made sure he was given the opportunity to start as a Freshman. Hard to believe with those numbers he was ranked 4 star and not 5. If he had signed early with someone like Nebraska....the services probably would have rasied his ranking,,,similar to how players commiting to KU Basketball early have their rankings go up after the fact. Recruiting services take notice that Bill Self takes notice. IMO, Pooka slipped under the radar. <br><br>

About the line: KU is a little more than half of the way there on the line. We have 3 seasons of 3 Star recruits that are not transfers in the same system for two years. Once we get to 4 years of HS recruits with 4 years in the same system, with the experienced Upper classmen being mentors, it becomes all about conditioning and execution.

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Matt Tait: At least three key questions remain on whether endorsements will be good for college sports

Good article. However I am still on the side of, it's a crock. Athletes that gain notoreity through their sport and then use and sell their image to advertise sports apparell are no longer amatuer. So amauter athletics is done! <br><br>
There will be no way that recruiting won't be influenced by endorsements. You might as well forget that one. I highly doubt that Nike will pay fees to McCormack while he is wearing Addidas playing for the Jayhawks. So how can you say playing for KU and getting an endorsement would be all after the fact and that it had nothing to do with recruitment. It might work for kids that are already in college but for new recruits.....give me a break!

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NCAA board supports allowing college athletes to get paid for endorsement and other deals

Exactly Dale, Now the shoe companies can pay players for their image and to get that deal they have to go to the school of shoe companies choice. Or even a booster. Who's to say that Mark Cuban can't pay a player a million dollars for a personal appearance. So, the apparel companies will want to spend their money to advertise in the largest markets and the schools near the largest markets will get their attention. In addition, players will charge for autographs, photos, t-shirts, their own CD's, autographed sports cards, etc. and so camps, collector's shows become big money makers for the kids. A lot of it untraceable and in cash. So camps and events in areas with the largest number of fans wanting to pay for a signed autograph will be most attractive. Why go to Lawrence KS? KU is not even in a top 20 market.

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Judge rules ‘Miles to Go’ footage, 2019 practice film can be part of Beaty case

You can't withhold this kind of money after the fact without getting tangled in a web. So, the video will be used to show original intent and the timeline discussed of the videoman/coach meetings with players apparently does not lineup due to students and coaches not in town at the same the meetings occurred as KU has claimed. This does not sound good.<br><br>Speculating here....the attorneys may not be willing to settle for what's owed plus attorney fees. If confident and think they can prove claims made in public are not true they may have filed or will file civil suit for defamation and reputational damages. Piling on and adding institutional pressure may be Grassnola adding testimony on top of all this as well as Beatty having had job interviews for jobs where he has been rejected. So 3 million, plus lost earnings, plus interest, plus damages, yada, yada, yada...and it could take 3 ro 4 times owed to settle. A difficult position...could be if you don't bend over a can of "Nike-NCAA-whooopa***" may be opened in the court room. Pretty obvious, I've said enuff about about Long and settling this a long time ago.

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Danny Manning dismissed by Wake Forest

As far as I'm concerned...Danny can come coach KU Big Men anytime...RCJHKU!

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