Displaced Jayhawk brich

Displaced Jayhawk brich


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brich 8 years, 7 months ago

I am one of those unfortunate souls that somehow ended up on Tobacco Road but my blood is crimson and blue. I am also one of the 50 people polled that feels that sometimes, a LOSS has a deep positive affect in our heads and tends to ground us and give us a shot of reality and experience what it feels like to LOSE (the MSU game was too early in the season to have that affect). Then, there are the other 50 that want to go undefeated. Historical numbers support my 'theory'. I hate that we are now ranked no. 1 in ANYONE"S poll cause, as you can see if you follow the weekly polls, there seems to be a new one each week. So, it does not matter to me where we are, as long as we get a NO. 1 seed in March. Not to overuse the cliche, but the only poll that matters occurs after the final game of he season and we win. What happens before then is meaningless unless it knocks us out of a NO. 1 seed and if that that should happen, then it is on US. November to early March means NOTHING if you are bouncing from 1 to 3 or 1 to 4 back to 3!!!! We want to be ranked number ONE in the only MEANINGFUL poll and that is the last one of they year. And, please pity me for being stuck here in ACC land and having to listen to what THEY THINK are real rivalries, but believe me, none are worse than the KU-MU hate! They just don't know!!...............!!!!! R C J H

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