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As candidate to become KU football's permanent head coach, Emmett Jones plans to be himself

Well, actually, we have had the opposite problem. Mason and Mangino were both proven coaches. Gill was not. Weis was fired at his previous job. Beaty was not proven at any level, and Miles had been fired, idle for two years, was lost mentally and was not officially interviewed or screened.

The failures have actually been the result of not hiring proven coaches.

Jones will get the job if he is the best candidate. Rah rah doesn’t create a winning program. If it did, Bill Snyder and Nick Saban would have been actuaries, not coaches.

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A day earlier than expected, Creighton transfer Christian Bishop picks Texas over KU, UNC

This was completely unexpected.

Who’s your daddy? Chris Beard and that sh*thole state is now your daddy.

Thank you Major Milktoast.

And burn that abomination on Naismith to the ground. That is the first step in course correction. And don’t hire any more Confederate Coaches. This is the Free State.

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Where things stand with the KU football coaching search now that KU AD Travis Goff is off and running

I like the timing of this search. You are completely out of the “carousel crush” and you don’t really have to worry about any coach trying to use use you to leverage a new deal or use your offer to pressure another school to call.

Also, you have all the time in the world, though I’d like to have someone who could view some live practices before the end of spring ball. If that option is off the table, then I still think that you’d like to have your guy before summer because you need to start evaluating recruits and making offers based on summer camp showings.

If money is limited, then you really know right off the bat who will be interested. Every coach in play has a resolved contract situation. Goff knows his budget. That will make things simpler.

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Where things stand with the KU football coaching search now that KU AD Travis Goff is off and running

Monken doesn’t need to change his offense, just ask OU. But with the possibility of getting a tick-higher level of player at KU, he probably could add variations that might open it up a bit more.

Don’t hire Monken and then ask him to abandon what works. Hire him because he has a system, is successful with it, and can be even more successful with a broader recruiting pool.

Just about any of the proven head coaches would make sense. They all would be better then the last three hires at KU.

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Notebook: Veterans making coaching transition as smooth as possible for KU football

Until we are competitive again, KU should tell the idiots in Dallas that our non-con schedule is our business. The Big 12 has added a championship game, and that’s enough to get the champ into the playoffs when warranted.

We need wins, and should start scheduling in a way that benefits our program. Travis Goff needs to address this as soon as the coaching situation is settled.

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KU football adds to 2022 class with commitment from Alabama athlete Nikki Taylor

Love almost any kid that wants to be a Jayhawk.

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Former Jayhawk Bryce Thompson tells Tulsa World 'stressful' season contributed to decision to leave Kansas

Who signed this guy anyway? No due diligence?

When is it considered a trend? Two 5-star transfers in three years. Hmmmmm.

Bill’s highest ranked recruits rarely deliver. And when his lower-ranked recruits get rag-dolled, he chucks ‘em under the Weis bus.

This program is a complete mess. Thank goodness we have a lifetime to straighten it out.

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Class of 2021 recruit Andrew Simpson released from letter of intent with KU

Glad to see KU show some class. Sorry to lose him, but this should be his choice.

KU needs to have a football coach within two weeks. No reason that it can’t be done in that time frame. Ideally you’d like the coach to see some of spring practice, though that could be challenging. Getting to see the guys live, if even only for a short period would bring benefits.

And again, Jones should be given an interview and, regardless of the outcome, be kept on staff.

But this isn’t tryouts for the JV team. Pick your guy and get going. Or else we will lose a year of recruiting and start falling backwards again.

We cannot afford an off- year. The pipeline must continue to fill and we need a definitive direction as soon as possible.

I know of very few football programs who have built a winning foundation with an interim coach. Only in Jayhawk land would such an imbecilic idea have any support. Time to chart a path and get going.

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Kansas softball upsets No. 18 Missouri in 4-3 win

This makes my day. Great win for the team. Keep it rolling!

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