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Jayhawks add to 2018 class with juco OL's verbal commitment

The over/under on the number of seniors taking the field for the first game of 2021 is now at 4. Place your bets.

When the hole gets deep, just keep digging. Some people will view it as effort.

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Champions Classic moved up a week to tip off college hoops season

With the team we have in waiting for next year, we have a great shot at getting to .500 in this series. Not bad considering the teams that are in it each year.

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Tom Keegan: Penthouse view suits Kansas

Great column.

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Backup QB Tyriek Starks leaves KU football

Kansas isn't going to turn the program around through big-time recruiting. We got beat at home by two FCS schools (NDSU and SDSU), with rosters full of unrated, one and two-star kids from the Dakotas and the upper midwest. We got beat home this year by a MAC team loaded with two-star talent. We get beat every single year by an in-state team that always places last or next-to-last in the conference recruiting rankings.

The difference? Not the players - as John Brazleton would have you believe - it's the coaching.

Instead of going with the hard, grinding approach, we went with two flash hires (one for name and one for recruiting), and here we are chasing around after JUCO talent in THE FOURTH YEAR OF THE REGIME. And with staff turnover that would make the local McDonald's manager blush.

Starks was a 3-star recruit, hand-picked by Hull. And now he and his scholarship are in the wind. That's evaluation. That's development. That's failure on the part of the staff.

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Postgame Report Card: Kansas 73, Kansas State 72

I wonder if they destroyed us on the Bruce Weber Play Hard Chart? Seems like they always do, according to the Weber the Whiner. Somehow, though, we've gone 12-2 against them since Weber's arrival.

And, while winning at KSU won't be easy, this is a KU team that should improve steadily as the season progresses due to the inexperience Dok, Silvio, Marcus and even Cunliffe. These guys should be getting just a little bit better each week. It adds up over time, and might help us to get a regular-season sweep.

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Beaty not retaining O-line coach or special teams coordinator for 2018 season

The coaching turnover is alarming. It suggests that Beaty can't identify good coaches, or can't get along with his staff - or both.

And any coach that would come here to move his career forward needs to reassess.

It's stunning how much damage has been inflicted on this program by the current and previous coach. I'll say what Kevin hints at: it's hypocritical to say the program needs stability and then keep a head coach who has a turnstile at the front of the coaches' hallway. And, to John Brazleton, who likes to blame the kids - apparently Beaty thinks that it's the coaches because he changes them out as fast as he changes quarterbacks.

I thought the problem with the O-Line was the youth? No, it's the coach.

Anyone find it interesting we finally have the best kicking game we've had in 6 years, and the coach gets fired?

Literally everything that is done by this football administration exudes ineptitude, and does nothing but provide fuel to the steam shovel that continues digging a hole just north of the Campanile.

If you were to draw up a plan entitled: How to Destroy a P5 Football Program, you couldn't do better than this.

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Tom Keegan: Playoff selection committee Frost-bitten by UCF

Wrong-o Reindeer. Recruiting rankings beginning 2014: UCF 73. 2015: UCF 63. 2016: UCF 57.

So, UCF is "loaded" with a roster that never got anywhere close to the top 25 of recruiting classes in the country? How, exactly, was that undefeated team "loaded"? Frost won with a loaded roster from O'Leary? It seems like Frost actually coached better, evaluated better and managed his roster better.

Facts are facts. KU's program is in a ditch. UCF's should have earned a spot in the playoff. Period. End of story.

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Tom Keegan: Playoff selection committee Frost-bitten by UCF

Better than David Beaty's. Probably by 10 wins, at least.

And, of course, I know you will want to be fair by asking a second question: what would UCF's record have been if Beaty had been the coach?

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Tom Keegan: Playoff selection committee Frost-bitten by UCF

Why? They beat Auburn, the 7th-ranked team in the country, a divisional SEC champ and a team that beat not one, but two of the playoff teams.

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Year in review: The 17 lowest moments of 2017 for KU football

Or, maybe, the coaches can't coach. Or maybe they can't coach the players they recruited to play here?

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