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‘Group of Five’ countdown, No. 6: Craig Bohl, Wyoming

And he's snagging booster booty. The guy gets more amazing every time I read about him!

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‘Group of Five’ countdown, No. 6: Craig Bohl, Wyoming

Please, please, please make Craig Bohl our next coach.

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‘Group of Five’ countdown, No. 7: Neal Brown, Troy

Bob Stoops is our next coach.

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New KU AD vows to 'break the cycle' of losing football

Feeling great about this hire. Like everything about him so far. Really looking forward to a full evaluation of the football program. Also thrilled to hear his statement about building through people, not facilities.

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New AD Jeff Long in early stages of assessing long-struggling KU football program

Agreed. He can't come in and fire a guy before his first day on the job.

I'll be interested in his take on Beaty after spending time with Self.

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KU coach Bill Self on new AD: 'Our place got better today'

Now....back to the actual story in Athletics today. Self's comment: "we got better today" says it all. In Dru and Bill I trust. So excited to have this guy on board. We finally have someone in place who can truly evaluate a football program and many fans like me, season-ticket holders for the past five years, are willing to jump on board to support Long, his timeline and his decision-making.

Rock Chalk A.D. Long!

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KU coach Bill Self on new AD: 'Our place got better today'

So pathetic and predictable Suzi. Not the time. Not the place. Discretion? Not a strong point. Discipline? Absent. Tone Deafness? 110%. There is a full story on LJWorld you can go to and post. But that would be unselfish. Also not a quality you have.

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Tom Keegan: Youth no longer the issue for veteran Kansas football team

If you are Jeff Long, and you look at the numbers on scholarship mismanagement, do you look at the coach and say "I want to see how he does in year four?", or do you say "That's a series of fireable offenses and I don't need a leader of this program who sells it out to save his job".

The decision about Beaty has nothing to do with this year. It only has to deal with the singular question: how are we going to compete in '20-'21 and who can make make us good then? That coach needs a jump start on this year's recruiting class in the most immediate possible way.

Time to clear the decks. Get on with the search, get things lined up and get the new coach in place immediately after the end of the season.

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Tom Keegan: How many more games for David Beaty?

Steven, both Glen Mason and Mark Mangino would like to have a word with you.

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