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Notebook: KU's special teams impress; LB Ben Heeney deals with cramps

Technical correction: "... replay OFFICIALS ruled that Ford was down at the 1."

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What caught my eye at Day 10 of KU football's fall camp

I hate trying to decipher results from scrimmages. Was the offense so good because it is improved, or because the defense hasn't? While it is exciting to see such positive results on offense, it is at the expense of our defense. As far as the kicking game, better not sell my stock in Tums.

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What caught my eye at Day 9 of KU football's fall camp

It was nice to see that Jablonski got a scholarship. After seeing on twitter that Conner Embree got one, I started wondering what Blake's status was. Two guys that have put in the time and effort. It's good to see that get rewarded.

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Guide gives glimpse into Jayhawks

funny. i was thinking just recently that i hadn't been reading omigie's name in any of the articles about the receivers. i'm glad to see he got his degree.

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Opinion: Freshman given rock-star treatment

in this era of the information age, i don't think anything in the past is truly comparable. i was on campus when danny was a freshman and the hype wasn't close to this. we were excited to watch him play, but he had already lived in lawrence for his senior year in high school, so the town was used to having him around. back then, if you were out and saw danny, there was no texting your buddies and you had to go find a pay phone if you wanted to call them, and they had to be home to get the call.

this wiggins mania is at an exponentially higher level.

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Patterson, no longer disgruntled, back at WR

Patterson is no longer disgruntled. Does that make him gruntled? I've always wondered about the origin of that 'dis' word.

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Gary Bedore’s KU hoops notebook

jersey, I saw the same thing with Holly. I suspect it is nothing more than respect and admiration. She's done many KU games in Sherron's career and for a woman to get a gig at ESPN, she has to know her sports. I bet that was just her way of thanking him and wishing him luck. That was the last time Sherron will play a college game on ESPN.

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Hard-won hardware: Kansas fends off 'Cats

The tournament champions get the official conference automatic bid. Therefore, the Conference considers them the Conference Champions. But the tournament winners get the same style trophy as the division champions get in football. The conference winners get the same style trophy as the Conference Football Championship winner gets. That will give you perspective into who the Conference values as the true Champion.

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KU coach Turner Gill gives glimpse of his style: building character, with no cussing

Wow, is this man human? I'm with 316, I keep getting more and more impressed with our coach. I really, truly hope this translates on the field!

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Former KU football players Reesing and Zook to appear together

Aww geez, Matt! That is cruel telling us about a book signing, including the time, then saying it is private. What a tease.

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