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Former Chiefs running back Larry Johnson seeks change of venue in lawsuit

I'm a Chiefs fan & don't care. Gimme KU news...

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Behind the Lens: Gearing up for the NCAA tournament

I found this interesting. Photography is a hobby of mine. The first thing I do after every game when I follow up on it online, is go straight to this site & look at the pics. You guys do great work! I would've enjoyed a story or two of players crashing into you. I'm sure it's happened a time or two. Is all that equipment insured? Is it your personal equipment or owned by LJWorld? Sorta like a mechanic who uses his own tools I suppose. OK, time to bed. Can't sleep. Too juiced for an Illini beatdown. Wish we were the 1st game Sunday...

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Kansas guard Tyrel Reed throws down a dunk on a breakaway against Texas during the first half on Fri

Higgin's thinking what can I call to take this away & give the ball to TU???

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Jayhawks make it back from D.C.

I hope the funeral helped T-Rob grieve. It was in the back of my head all day while I was at work. My heart is broken for him & Jayla. God bless them both! Happy to hear we get to welcome T-Rob back in AFH Saturday!

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Kansas players cope with loss of Thomas Robinson's mother together

Nice to know the NCAA has a bit of common sense.

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A game official gets intervenes in an argument between Kansas guard Josh Selby and Texas guard J'Cov

All 4 techs this joker called were out of line. Hope we never see Doug Shows again. I think his whistle blew with every exhalation. No flow to a good game with two good teams. He wasn't the reason we lost, but he killed the whole flow of the game.

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Kansas senior Sherron Collins discussed his career as a Jayhawk during Monday's presser at Allen Fie

Love this kid. Every year the senior game is the most poignant of the season. They've changed from boys to men. It's such a blessing to have an outstanding player like SC here for 4 years. Truly a rarity nowadays. Thank you Sherron!

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