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Justin Wesley relishes positive reviews

I should have said I thought about having sex with more women than he ever had. Oops, there goes one now. It's great being a man. although I'm sure transgenderism would also be fun.

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Justin Wesley relishes positive reviews

My hats off to Justin Wesley. When he gets in you see a really good athlete with some real basketball skills. Disappointing not to see more of his play. Too many young players looking to build skills for the future.

I was a freshman at KU with Wilt and had an accounting class with him. He ended up with more to account for than I did. He was a better athlete than me but I had more women.

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Column: Andrew Wiggins' half-court three ends slump

Look at the picture. These guys are having fun. Best freshman class ever.

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No trip to title game for KU

Perry Ellis has been playing basketball for how long? and he still doesn't know how to play defense, laying off 10 feet and then running and lunging after the ball is well in hand and the feet are set, to of course no avail. Mike, they are great against teams like Towson and the win over also overrated Duke but for the most part I see a lack of coaching and certainly a lack of understanding. I don't think Self can figure out who his best players are, maybe he doesn't have any.

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FINAL: Kansas 87, Wake Forest 78

You can see the game on channel 1323 (NBCSNB) in Kansas City starting at 8.30 PM.

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Embiid shines vs. Iona, with father in the stands

Jaybate told us this guy was gonna be really good but he underestimated how good. Put together with Ellis and Wiggins this will be the best front line in KU history. Jaybate, are you there? This new sight is pathetic compared to the old one. Who had the stupid idea of changing one of the best college sports blogs in history? Dumb.

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Opinion: Among talented newcomers, Joel Embiid is KU's X factor

You forgot "Born on the Fourth of July", a must see.

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Andrew Wiggins scores seven points in Bill Self campers game

dylans: From his mother.

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Andrew Wiggins scores seven points in Bill Self campers game

Remember, the number of possible combinations are always n2-n divided by 2. If there are ten players there are 45 possible combinations.

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Houston looking to deal T-Rob

Save your money. You fooled them.

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