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Streak of suffering: KU football mindful of conference losing skid with CU next

I was also there. What an absolute abomination of a call; the definition of B.S. I just can't help it, I still get irate thinking about it. Offensive PI should never be called unless blatant, and that was absolutely NOT blatant. It effectively took away the players' ability to control the outcome of the game. Absolute crap.

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Boulder, Colo.

good call foco, always get Stanley and Overlook mixed up (which one's real, which one's the movie).

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Boulder, Colo.


Hotel Boulderado - I'd say it is Boulder's Eldridge, pretty cool older hotel, room will be reasonable to higher rate

St. Julien - By far Boulder's nicest. If you've got a healthy budget, stay here but it'll cost you.

There are any number of hotels in the surrounding areas of Louisville, Westminster, etc...within 20 mins of Folsom/Pearl St.


Rio Grande - for Mexican food and incredibly good (potent) margaritas. Also a rooftop bar that provides an awesome view of the front range.

The Med - for anything from Mediterranean style pasta to wood-fired oven pizzas to steak, this place is phenomenal. Highly recommend.

Pasta Jay's - good Italian place on Pearl St.


Anywhere on Pearl St., also a classic dive called 'The Sink' - a taller person will have to duck to get inside but it's a must to have a pre/postgame brew there.


For the active outdoorsy type, great hiking at Chataqua(sp), just minutes away from campus.

For biking/hiking, Boulder canyon road is awesome. It's got an ice cold creek running down it and views are amazing. It's also a great drive, leads you up to the old hippie town of Nederland that's a pretty cool place.

Drive to Estes - you can easily drive to Estes Park, takes 45mins - 1hr. Definitely go by the Overlook Hotel, they've got some cool tributes to the movie 'The Shining' because some of the scenes were shot there i believe.

Have fun in Boulder, my 2nd favorite Big XII town after Larry, of course!

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Woodling's Word to the Wise: Boulder, Colo.


I agree. you a fan of Brewery Bar II? That's pretty good mexican at a reasonable price.

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Ah, the Flamingo, or the 'dirty bird' as my group of buddies liked to call it -- the Friday lunch buffet is quite the experience...that place and the outhouse are Larry treasures

NEJhawk --

it appears the Omaha Chapter of the KU Alumni Assn. will be having a watch party for the UTEP game at a joint called DJ's Dugout (636 N. 114th St.) in O-Town. here's a link to their homepage:

For those that don't know, the Alumni Assn is a great resource to find 'KU Bars' in your current place of residence. We have such a fantastic reach as a fanbase; there really isn't a major metro area that is without a KU bar.

Up here in Chi town we have Kincade's in Lincoln Park, Lottie's Pub in Bucktown, and Gale Sayers' own Juniors Bar in the little italy/university village area I believe.

Here's a link to the Alumni Assn. watch party page. Just click on the state you live in and it'll point you in the right direction!

Great idea on the 'Road Hawks' idea as well -- i'll definitely be adding to the Boulder page.

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June's hot topics

kanstucky - the border showdown consists of all mens and womens sports across the board, not just the football game. our non-revenue sports have not fared as well against methzou.

741 - removing that absolutely hideous and high school-esque track around the field at Memorial is most definitely on KUAC's radar screen and has been since at least the Frederick days, however it is my understanding that the mandate for removal was always attendance -- specifically, selling out the venue consistently. If the pace of selling season tickets continues like it has over the next season or two and nothing is done, then we have a legitimate gripe. During the Valesente/TA days with the Glen-o anomaly in the middle, attendance was so abysmal that there was no monetary justification to remove the track and add seats -- why ADD seats if you can't fill the ones you already have? I understand that line of thinking, however I feel stronger feelings of disgust toward that eyesore of a track. It has NO business existing at a D-1 college stadium, and over the next two years I want it gone as well. Let's just hope we keep selling out Memorial in the years to come, a feat that is easily attainable.

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KU football picked No. 21 by Lindy's

yes! excellent Back to School reference, tx...

"If that dress had pockets, you'd look like a pool table."

gotta love rodney's one-liners

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Sandses mighty mites

@ John_Brown -

Not 100% sure, but I believe the TE was Pete Vang.

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Keegan: NU game special for one

Thanks tx!Yeah, Lotties is a great place -- they serve beer in schooners like they do at Louise's and Louise's West in Larrytown!however there is another KU bar up here closer to me called Kincades, I plan to watch there. Plus, I was at Lotties for the South Fla debacle, bad mojo :)If those places don't have the game, I too will have to purchase it at home so I appreciate the link to PPV info.Hope you find a joint in D/FW, Rock Chalk!

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