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No. 1 Gonzaga sprints by Kansas, 102-90, at season-opening Fort Myers Tip-Off

I actually am satisfied to know we will score more than I thought this year. If we don’t talk about interior defense this game was not played that bad offensively or in general. Gonzaga had the luxury of well seasoned teams and will not drop off 1 seed line all year. Kansas will clearly have lots of options, but just need time. I feel more confident that we didn’t have scared players on offense.

Now the elephant in the room. Watching McCormick chase a player burn right by him got old and fast.

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Jayhawks confident extended time off won't hurt them

Is this a real headline? Or question being pondered?

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Gameday Breakdown: No. 6 Kansas vs. No. 1 Gonzaga

Does anyone have any insight or idea if Tyon Grant-foster is the real deal or what we can expect??

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Why Chicago appears to be a solid spot for former Kansas point guard Devon Dotson, who went undrafted in Wednesday's NBA draft

To much analysis....Devon Dotson should be playing in junior season in Lawrence. It was a bad decision. His shot needed at least another year. That being said, to leave as a Sophomore and not get drafted? Something is wrong with the advising.

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Who needs a go-to scorer? Jayhawks touting balance this season

Having Marcus will be huge during stag offense. He is good with length at just driving to hole off screen at top of key. He is clearly become a playmaker too and draws defenders. I think proven depth will be the thing to watch. How far along has guys come now that playing time will be there. All the Soph's...

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KU coach Bill Self says Jayhawks, Zags 'committed to playing each other'

No one is ready for basketball...Football is priority in Lawrence.....

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Bears picked over Jayhawks in preseason Big 12 poll

Ain’t that the truth....Scott Drew talent over past decade and still hasn’t won’t a league title. I’m bias but my goodness, Self clearly knows how to get teams to win without talent. Baylor doesn’t really have the NBA talent in roster and with limited crowds this year, talent will win in most places.
That win at Baylor last year shows at end of year Self will get this team to go away from home and win.

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NCAA pegs Nov. 25 as start date for 2020-21 college hoops season

“The idea behind the new rule, which will go into effect this year, is to ensure that student-athletes across the country are free to vote and participate in community service and other civic engagement opportunities.”

Code for vote Democrat.

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Direction of KU's QB competition remains unclear following L to Coastal in opener

Competition for what? Who can sit on the bench longer?

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An updated look at the draft stock of two former Jayhawks now that the 2020 NBA draft order is set

Dotson needed the 3rd year. Its obvious. Would make him in the 15-25 range easily. He probably will be in the 40's to be honest, with 2 years left. I love the kid, but when your fed in your ear since high school how good you are, you just want to be in the NBA.

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