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Big 12 media days blog: Jesse, Matt discuss Weis' 'pile of crap' controversy

KU has blue as it's "main" color and the team is known as "Big Blue", but the best looking KU football uniform was the one worn on several occasions during Mangino's time and also at the 2008 Orange Bowl. Blue helmet, Red Jersey, and White pants, classy looking, somewhat resembled one of the New York Giants packages.

While on the color of uniforms, I vote for going back to the 1950's-60's blue and neon pink track and field colors. I know some thought it was a "sissy" color and maybe "not manly enough" but boy did they stand out, and were easy to spot on a crowded field. If Nieder, Oerter, Salb and Santee all All-Americans could handle them why not now, especially with a more liberal approach to issues like "pink" for the male population.

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KU football, Hawaii to play home-and-home series starting in 2016

KU has done well in Hawaii in the past with Aloha Bowl wins against UCLA and BYU in the early 1990's.

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KU football, Hawaii to play home-and-home series starting in 2016

ahpers: Hope this is not a Manti Teo like relationship for your sake!

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KU football, Hawaii to play home-and-home series starting in 2016

In the past the Nebraska Huskers thrived on this arrangement with Hawaii, did it many years. It was so popular with the residents that Boeing actually had to build more jets to accommodate for the de-population of the State of Nebraska tripping to the Aloha State for the game and whatever else there is to do over there. RCJH!

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Three reasons I think North Carolina doesn't match up well with KU

Hopefully win number 2101 for KU, Hopefully not win number 2091 for UNC.

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Jeff Withey shines, KU guards struggle against WKU

A little more UK/ KU/UNC trivia! As of today, basketball top 5 men's winners:

Kentucky--------- 2111 all time wins (end of season)
Kansas------------2100 all time wins (hopefully more to go)
North Caroln'a- 2090 all time wins
Duke------------- 1999 all time wins
Syracuse---------1871 all time wins

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No. 2 recruit Julius Randle chooses Kentucky

For all of the "wins counters" as it stands today, Kentucky is maxed out this year with their loss to Robert Morris last night at 2111 all-time, KU is second with 2099, UNC with 2089, Duke 1998 and Syracuse (5th) with 1870. Can't catch the Cats this year, but should have a good shot in the near future!

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Opinion: KU deserves No. 1 seed over Duke

What a bummer! I trecked a 1/8 mile to my LJ World box this morning at 5:30 A.M. out here west of town to retreive my "real" LJ World. On arriving back in the light of the house, opening the paper and expectiing to see a large "blank" NCAA basketball basketball bracket sheet to be the center part of our get--together this evening. What, to my disbelief, there was not any semblence of one. In priior years the JW would publish several of these in the week preceeding the Sunday parings! What am I going to, other than getting a "real life"; go on-line and print one of those dinky ones that persons of my advanced years cannot see, erase last years 2012 page and re-use for 2013, or get out my old lined tablet and create my own.

Come on LJW, what's going on, in a basketball town no less. Cost of printing too high, maybe paper prices out the window, but I still get all those Sunday "junk" sections. Bah humbug, wonder in the KCStar printed one???

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Jayhawks flocked to Elijah Johnson in victorious locker room

Little surprised that Coach Hoiberg didn't anticipate some problems and "put" out the warnings: (1) disruptive crowd before the game, (2) F-bombing the KU team and fans throughout the game (his 4 kids ought to be proud), (3) Trowing trash at KU ala MU and KSU, (4) Hoiberg offering no post-game admonishments, (5) Hoiberg offering pre-game comments that Hilton is one of the "underrated arenas" in the country, guess he prooved that. Always gave ISU a "pass" compared to MU and KSU, need to re-think that now.He's got to learn from MU, "you live by the three, you die by the three"

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Jayhawks flocked to Elijah Johnson in victorious locker room

Bet these two ISU students will be proud to defend their comments at some future job interview or in their resume' wording as to extracurricular activities.

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