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Former KU basketball champion Dean Smith to receive Medal of Freedom

The ultimate goal in college basketball is winning the final 4 championship. Dean had a profound affect on Roy in the 2003 final 4. He first fired Doherty - a former UNC player and former KU assistant and then followed Roy around like a puppy dog and distracted Roy and the KU players. I am fine with Roy going back to UNC - it is his home and KU has been better for it with Self. Roy had admitted not recruiting the eastern half of the country. 2 pretty profound issues. Great for Dean to get the honor but he obviously in all UNC now - wearing his baby blue blazer to a KU honored event and his complete disregard for KU's program during the 2003 final four.

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KU-UNC connection continues with Brad Frederick hire

I couldn't agree more. I have said the same thing many a times. Dean Smith cost KU a national championship in 2003 in New Orleans. Roy was so distracted with Dean following him around like a puppy dog and it carried over significantly to his players. If Dean had any respect for KU ( and Doherty - a former player at UNC and KU assistant) he could have waited one week to pull the trigger. I don't think Dean should ever be recognized for anything at KU anymore.

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KU football player Chris Martin charged with aggravated robbery; bond set at $35,000

Let the criminal justice system take its course. He seems like a guy who has done questionable things in the past but we don't know the whole story.

Do athletes/students smoke weed? Yes - more than us 40 somethings who post on here know. Heck its legal in Colorado. Maybe he the 2 dudes he went to the house with told him they knew the guys and and when they got there one of them pulls a gun (real or fake) and suddenly you are in a bad situation. He could have easily been the guy who started the whole thing as well - then he should be kick off the team and out of school.

Other schools deal with this all the time. Didn't Beckham-Green at MU get caught smoking weed at Misery. He played the whole year. If it happened at KSU Snyder would give the patented "it will be dealt with in house" and make run a few stadium stairs and never hear about it again.

Again let the system play out before passing judgement. Every one of us did some stupid things in college. The possible gun use issue is the biggest problem here.

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Ravens sign KU’s Dayne Crist

Don't know - Assuming since Weis has been in the NFL for what 10 + years. Most likely has more pull than most college only coaches.

I'm huge KU fan but also dealing in reality as far as his talents. Non-drafted free agents seldom stick in the NFL at any level any way.

Is the "absolute incredible talent" comment talking about Crist ????

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Ravens sign KU’s Dayne Crist

Happy for Crist but he has zero chance sticking. I do agree Weis pulled some strings to get him a contract. He is a body who can throw passes during camp.

I think Crist has a decent arm but for one he had no pocket presence, didn't move well in or out of the pocket. When he ran he couldn't out run D linemen. The things that did him in were the fear of getting hit (possibly from his previous injuries), lack of mobility, inconsistent accuracy and some dropped passes. To think he is suddenly going to pull it all together at a pro level is crazy. The decision making happens in fractions of a second not in 2-3 seconds and if you haven't been able to do it college I don't see how it will happen at the pro level.

For me Crist was the biggest disappointment last year. With the hype coming in at the one position in football that makes the greatest impact (look at the Chiefs woes last year and look how guys like Brady and Manning elevate teams - heck even Klein at KSU) he didn't come close to delivering. Sorry to bag on the guy but even thinking he will thrive in the NFL just isn't happening.

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ISU coach Fred Hoiberg impressed by Elijah Johnson, says late no-call 'didn't go our way'

First the call at the end of regulation - it has been said before Lucious reached and grabbed well before any contact with Niang. The refs decided to no call. ESPN loves to highlight controversy so that is all everyone sees but not unlike every major news organization they fail to show the whole story. It doesn't sell well. Besides Niang already had his quota of calls - sliding on a charge call on Withey and how many old man drives where he throws up a prayer that was answered by the refs bailing him out. Plus the charge foul call on Withey was much earlier in the game and impacted his playing time. ISU still had 5 sec in regulation and OT to do something as well.

I loved the intensity of the game. Hoiberg is a class coach. The ISU fans throwing stuff on the court and guy charging Self ????? That is far more embarrassing than EJ's dunk -which was wrong and him and Self apologized. Did Hoiberg or ISU apologize for the above ????

Any way EJ was beyond amazing. Hope this gives him some confidence for the remainder or the year.

ONe more thing - BMac - I have said it since the start of Big 12 play. He has to learn to dribble left handed and be able to make individual 1 on 1 moves to have an impact in the NBA. He will get drafted on potential alone but he still has a lot of work to do and staying one more year would be extremely beneficial. And he can't disappear in road games.

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Notebook: Naadir Tharpe keeps his cool; Kevin Young jokes about his 'pass'

Tharpe - will get more and more big minutes because a 4 guard lineup is needed more frequently - especially at the end of the game and he can handle and hit FT's. Also EJ is better off the ball then at point.

Young - if his energy is working and he isn't hurting us in half court sets play him. If not go to Ellis or use Tharpe depending on lineups.

How about Southwell yapping in Young face. Southwell has a career game and he thinks he is Jake Pullen. Young should have told how sad it is when team's game plans include not guarding him at all cause he usually can't shoot. His last layup was actually blocked into the goal as well.

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Baylor's best basketball coach answers to the name Kim, not Scott

First off Scott Drew can recruit - don't know if he doing anything illegally but some how he is getting players. As far a coaching he is grossly sub par. They have made 2 Elite 8s but look at the the talent he has. Numerous other coaches would have that talent in Final 4s and challenging for national championships. Playing lazy undisciplined zone defense is simply pathetic and it carries over to poor offensive structure and lack of discipline as well.

As far as the girls game - I have girls that play and I coach AAU ball as well. Lowering the goal to 9 foot would be great. The girls game is played at floor level and relies on ball skill and shooting more because "getting to the rim" is not as much of a goal because there is no thrill of dunking. Lowering the rim would create more of that and make it more exciting but it would also create more injuries - especially ACL type injuries with landing akwardly.

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Opinion: In defense of a much-improved defense

Neworleans must be drinking the water off Bourbon street. Defense played great all day.

Like most games a few bad plays. Bad snap early in the game when KU was going to score. Greg Brown who has played well all year had an INT in his hands. Also overlooked is the Texas player who got hit kinda hard is injured but walks off and later returns a few plays later to give Texas essentially a TO prior to their 4th down play on the last drive.

I love that KU ran the ball a ton but an occasional pass mix would have helped loosen up the Texas defense more but who can complain. Only disappointment I have is not going to this earlier and going away from Crist.

All this game does is help keep Mack Brown's job and keep Texas in mediocrity for awhile longer.

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Weis shakes up starters, gives Cummings nod at quarterback against Texas

Crist - Seems like a great guy and good leader but unforunately he is simply immobile and inacurate. Not a good combo for any QB. I think the problem is Weis has been too loyal to him. He should have started a change to Cummings about 4 weeks ago. Is Cummings the answer - who knows yet but Crist has not and at this point isn't ever going to get it done. It can only be good to give Cummings a chance since he does have some legs which gives you more options offensively and is just as accurate or more accurate than Crist. I am disappointed Baty is not even a factor though. You would think if he had any potential he would at least be given a look.

Keitzman is a joke. He can't hide any of his bias. He only has any ratings because he refuses to give up his time slot to Petro who is light years better. Petro has more national guests in an hour than Ketizman gets in a month. His only guests are Mitch Holthus, Jack Harry and Jim Colbert.

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