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Week 2 Big 12 picks: Baylor deserves credit for making a stand

I agree with you that Baylor deserves a pat on the back for taking a stand. It's interesting that A&M is criticizing Baylor for doing the exact same thing A&M is doing; looking out for themselves.

If the remaining schools want to keep the Big XII conference intact they should start by calling for the resignation of Dan Beebe. Beebe hasn't done anything to help grow the conference. While other conferences are looking to poach Big XII schools Beebe doesn't seem to be making any attempt to attract new schools to the conference.

Despite being top heavy with Texas schools I think it was a mistake not to go after Texas Christian University when Colorado and Nebraska announced they were leaving. I read that before going independent Brigham Young University approached the Big XII about joining, but were turned away. The only approach I've read about that the Big XII has made was to Arkansas and that only recently.

The last couple of years there has been an attempt to create a rivalry between Missouri and Illinois. Why not approach Illinois about joining the Big XII? Granted they don't have the best football team, but they are academically sound. Or how about Iowa if minimizing travel distance is an issue. It is unlikely that either school would leave the Big 10, but aggressively pursuing teams from the other conferences might at least keep the Big XII in the game. It has to be better than doing nothing.

I don't know if Beebe is simply inept, negligent, or incompetent, but the conference needs someone with better leadership qualities than he has displayed.

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