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KU falls to No. 72 in NACDA rankings

Add wrestling. Our state has produced multiple div 1 wrestlers, but they have to go to other big 12 schools as we dont have it. Not a costly sport and enjoys a strong following in the state.

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KU still lagging in Big 12

Want to be more competitive in all sports? Add wrestling! Kansas high school wrestling is among the best in the nation, but our kids have to go out of state to wrestle Div.1. Saw the gym at shawnee heights high school packed last year for Ft. Hays State vs Stanford. They wrestled in Topeka so a Stanford kid could get a chance to perform in front of his hometown fans. If kansas wrestling fans will turn out for an event like that they will turn out for wrestling at KU! It wont take a huge budget and will provide kansas kids an opportunity to wrestle and get an education near home.

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It’s all about money

I noticed dagger mentioned Wrestling. Unfortunately the University of Kansas does not have wrestling even though our state produces some of the best high school wrestlers in the nation. Where do they go instead? Unfortunately Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State have all had kansas kids on their rosters in recent years. An argument can be made for the Big 12 having the best wrestling in the country as all of the above schools are contenders for either team or individual national championships every year. I went to Fort Hays State vs Stanford they wrestled at Shawnee Hts in Topeka as one of the Stanford wrestlers was from Topeka. The gym was full. If wrestling fans will fill a gym in Topeka, I know we would get great support for a KU team. If its about money it would generate at least enough income to sustain itself. Lets give our Kansas wrestlers an opportunity in Kansas preferably at KU

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