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With new AD in place, KU football players continue to back Emmett Jones

I agree with giving Coach Jones the reins and seeing how it works out over the next couple of seasons. It's a safe choice for the new AD too as Jones was not selected by him but gives him the chance to succeed.

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4 potential KU football coaching candidates who are established Group of 5 winners

I don't have a strong opinion about who would be the best coach but as far as recruiting and fan support goes, I think the style of play matters far less than the points on the board and the wins in the books. If the triple option gets us more wins I'm all for it.

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3 potential candidates with rising stock since KU football's last coaching search

Bill Clark seems like an intriguing option. I've been to the UAB campus. If he can win there, I'd bet he can win anywhere.

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A few early names to watch in KU's search for a new athletic director

All good candidates. I was a student in Kent McCarthy's applied portfolio management class. A great guy and teacher.

However, what is the AD's most important role? Raising money. The choice seems pretty obvious to me. The assistant ADs can handle the day-to-day business.

He would also, presumably, prioritize KU Athletics's biggest asset.

For those of you who think he is not qualified to pick a football coach - maybe - but from experience we've seen it's not an easy decision even for "qualified experts". There will be a hiring committee. Hiring often comes down to a gut feeling to similar qualified candidates. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. In KU's case, it hasn't for a long time.

Give me the guy that I'm most confident can raise money - I'm sure the department is desperately in need of it today.

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Jeff Long out as KU athletic director amid fallout from football coach's departure

Danny Manning could be our AD and big man coach. Win win!

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Brent Dearmon leaving KU football to become O.C. at MTSU

This is a quick kick to the footballs. Was hoping he'd grow, develop and be our next HC.

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3-star Georgia prep DB Shad Dabney gives KU 20 commitments so far

Another solid addition to a solid class. Congrats to everyone and Welcome to the Hill!

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Three top Class of 2021 point guards make moves during busy week

I can't wait to get this NCAA investigation behind us. The staff is doing a respectable job on the recruiting trail but it's obviously hurting our chances with a lot of kids.

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Texas prep DL Tommy Dunn Jr. becomes newest member of KU's 2021 class

Congrats and welcome to the Hill!

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Reports: Big 12 intends to play college football this fall as planned

Ashamed and embarrassed because the league wants to play football? Seems a bit of an overreaction; but we do live in a culture of over the top social media reactions and cancel culture, so I can see that.

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