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KU defensive lineman Marquel Combs to transfer

Never had much faith in recruiting services with their star rankings. There are a lot of players in markets that don't get the hype, but can definitely can play ball.

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Turning a corner? KU finally wins close one in improbable 13-10 victory over LA Tech

Great kick!!! Finally saw some good catches on clutch 3rd down situations.

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Box score breakdown: Should we still consider KU a run-first team?

Defense will have carry this team(Ben Heeney keep the D fired up!!) Was Matthews sick last week against Rice I didn't see him play , the guy looked like a Big 12 receiver that went and got the ball against La. Tech.(good hops). Love Pierson on those short dump off passes,yards after the catch are good ,Heaps got alike that. Coleman made a great catch but still looks a little awkward out there,time will help this guy.We still don't have a true long ball threat, When I look at the roster of receivers we have that I've seen play, I wonder why Truzilli is not on the field . Truzilli kicked TCUs corners but last year. Truzilli looked fast last year and was a big target. Heaps has the arm to go deep. If we don't go deep once in a while defenses are going to choke off our short game. I like our RBs I think Sims and Miller will run tough. Mundine finally played like himself. Offense needs to be more creative if we are going to compete against Big 12 defenses!!

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No problem: Weis not worried about QB play

Heaps played decent under the condition he was put in.

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KU defensive lineman Marquel Combs likely to red-shirt

Prayers for the Cox family

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Cliff’s Notes: Charlie Weis press conference, 9/17/13

Ford and Coleman had a drop ,did Parmalee have drop ? I think he did. I remember Truzilli doing well against Rice last year . Is he in the Weis dog house? Coaches need to think outside their little tiny box sometimes and get over themselves.

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Opinion: Receivers dropping? Go hand shopping

McCay looks like Tarzan but plays like Jane. The South Dakota DBs ruled him all game long (Stoops is right). Trey looked decent at times, but is not a Big 12 receiver (5'10" 170lbs.) Ford had one ball thrown to him, looked good catching the ball and running after the catch, also blocked good . No attempted throws to Matthews, would like to see a play set up to him to see at least what he can do. Pierson has great wheels,decent hands, but his route running is average or below. Mundine will do better just a bad night. Weis needs to look to his bench to see if the Truzalli , Herrod or the Garden Juco kid can play. Receivers catch balls, play guys that can run good routes and catch the ball !!!!

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Opinion: KU QB Heaps set for success

Big fan of Heaps, I hope he has a great year. He was totally screwed over by new coaching at BYU because he was not their recruit.

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Special teams standout Ford aims for KU's starting WR job

Ford was physical last year on specially teams. Looking forward to watching him. McCay was released by Oklahoma with no restrictions from Bobby Stoops, Stoops was willing to let McCay go to any Big 12 school. That said it does not surprise me to see other receivers pass McCay on the depth chart.

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Former KU receiver Kale Pick joins Weis' staff as Grad Assistant

PMS I mean PSM weak statement !!

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