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Selden: Picking KU easy process

I think he is saying that to the teams/scouts/media in defense of criticisms against his not being as aggressive as people thought he should have been.

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Opinion: Justin McCay makes big first impression

No respect!

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Mr. Big Shot: Naadir Tharpe’s field goal puts KU on top

I almost fell off my couch last night when I saw Bill do this. I was laughing SO hard!

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Jeff Withey gone wild

You are right on the money Fearless. JW does an outstanding job of blocking shots that lead to fast breaks. Even in the NBA guys just block shots out of bounds. Just the other night in the Lakers Nuggets game Dwight Howard (who is one of the absolute worst at it) blocked a shot at the end of the game that went straight to Gallinari and he hit a 3 that iced the game for the Nuggets. Use the block to your advantage!

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Travis Releford, Jeff Withey top ratings against Washington State

EJ's jumper looked awful last night. He was rushing them and barely even getting off the ground

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Opinion: Be kind to Jayhawks, because Self won't be

Agreed ahperse, that was a low class swipe at a good kid for absolutely no good reason.

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How former Jayhawks fared in Nov. 5 NBA games

LOL why did they put Arthur in this post? He didn't play because he is injured at won't be back til December at the earliest.

Memhawk def agree about Tyshawn, I think he is going to do well in the league

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How former Jayhawks fared in Nov. 4 NBA games

$h1tty that B Rush tore his ACL over the weekend :(

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KU forward Kevin Young breaks bone in right hand, expected to miss two weeks

Could not agree more BringBack. Especially for our basketball team Nike is elite and more visible but the reason we switched is because of how much more adidas gives to the school in regards to the non-revenue sports. I was in school when we switched to adidas and that's all anyone in the athletic dept would talk about was the amount of money and amount of gear we would be getting from adidas as opposed to buying it from Nike.

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