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Kansas basketball Media Day

adidas sucks

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KU kickers honored for play vs. Louisiana Tech

The second coming of Dan Eichloff!!

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Off the Beaten Plate: Wang Burger at the Wheel

The Wang burger is so delicious....ahh fall Saturdays at the Wheel

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Opinion: Fans, friends gather for golfer Gary Woodland

Don't know if anyone saw this but Gary was featured in Golf Digest's What's In My Bag and of course is repping KU and is proud of it!

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Potential QB transfer part of What Caught My Eye at Day 14 of KU football fall camp

These pictures are awesome! Especially love the second one, just beautiful...damn i miss Lawrence! Can't wait to come back for some games this fall!

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Versatile KU lineman Lewandowski shifts spots again, to center

Pretty sweet seeing them both on the field together knocking some people around in last night's game!
I didn't see AC or Tanner on Hard Knocks this week hopefully we get to see them.

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KU football practice

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After long wait, KU football shows off 5 new helmets

Absolutely spot on Holic!

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After long wait, KU football shows off 5 new helmets

I know everyone else is saying this but it bears repeating: Get rid of the stupida$$ black helmet, black for black's sake is just terrible plus the execution of the black last year was pathetic. They looked like practice unis at best.
Also they grey facemasks are terrible, grey is not a school color. White facemasks or even better BRING BACK THE RED FACEMASKS especially on the blue helmet!
And stripes on the helmets. Like a lot of people are saying the designs definitely aren't very creative let's just slap a Jayhawk on there and hopefully they don't get rid of the KU helmet either we paid a lot of money for that Trajan font so let's use it!!

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Memphis forward Darrell Arthur traded to Denver

So excited for Shady to be a Nugget! Koufos made me want to rip my eyeballs out watching him this past season, he was the definition of mediocre.

KG you live in Denver?

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