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Cliff’s Notes: Bill Self press conference, 2/4/13

Ej and Tharpe will be fine as soon as they get back to fundamentals. From my seat they both get in positions where they want to make the exceptional pass or drive instead of the simple one. Too often the passing is too fancy and lacks basic fundamentals. Once BS gets them back on track everything will be fine.

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What caught my eye at Wednesday's practice: Nov. 14

The fullback was Norris Banks.

On a side note: Does anyone really know why Lewis Field in Stillwater runs east and west? So the Pokes could call Terry Miller a North-South runner!

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Game Balls and Gassers: TCU

The BIGGEST "gasser" was on the 4th and one. No one covering the center on defense so MOST 5th year senior QB's would simply sneak and get the 1st down. Charlie calls for a play action homerun which Crist delivers directly into the hands of Gary Patterson!

Face it, Crist isn't very good. WHo would have thought before the season began that offense, QB in particular would be the team weakenss?

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QB Dayne Crist eager to reunite with Charlie Weis

Not that great. McCay must sit out the 2011 season?

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Nov. 22 Cliff's Notes — Turner Gill press conference 11/22/11

Agree..Webb is much closer to Middle School.....

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A familiar foe: KU’s Turner Gill to face off against old boss, A&M coach Sherman

If we hire a new DC, the defense WILL be starting over. Your argument for retention dies right there. As for 5-8 transfers.....just exactly who is it that will jump ship? You are simply speculating in hope someone will listen.

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Cliff's Notes: Turner Gill press conference, 11/8/11

He threw Kale Pick completely under the bus for one bad half in the opener a year ago to a point that "the clear number one" isn't even a QB anymore.

I'm not sure what the love affair with Webb is, but me and thousands of others don't see it.

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Monday Rewind — Iowa State: Better effort does little to change big picture

Right on about the Clones bumbling play. That game really reminded me quite a bit of the futility bowl between the Hawks and Cats back in 87. Neither team really deserved to win.

Ah well, the sooner Gill is shown the door, the sooner we will be back to respectibility.

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Tale of the tape: KU vs. Iowa State

Webb looks "dreadful" because he IS dreadful. There are open receivers on every pattern. Hell, someone has to be open because Webb throws into double and triple coverage on almost every down.

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Cliff's Notes: Turner Gill press conference, 10/25/11

Sounds like this was more like a White House press briefing about how the stimulus package has worked so well. But obvious from the questions and responses that Gill is feeling some heat....and it's about time! Maybe lighting a fire under him might light a fire and get these kids to at least resemble a football team.

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