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Close to home: KU’s Andrew White III familiar with tonight’s foe

Perhaps the former roommate was the kid who quit due to concussion.

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Opinion: Kansas football still needs help at wide receiver

Crist telegraphed his receiver --everyone and anyone could/did gang up on him. He also got excited and over threw the receivers; he never looked for an open man. How could anybody expect a better performance from WR's?

Recruiting is surprisingly good, Our biggest need now is Defensive coaches who can teach tackling, coverage, and defensive reponsibility to our players.

Sometimes our commenters baffle me -- what are they seeing? Not even the pro's have good Defense. GB exhibition 2012 -- San Diego wideout caught a pass to the right, behind the scrimmage line. He took two little steps to the left (not ahead), and the GB corner back rushed past him, not even touching him, and fell flat on his face, behind him. The wide receiver had a clear field to the 6 yd line. We're talking about a pro? He made all three of the mistakes a so-called tackler can make. Hell, they taught tackling in high school.

In LSU vs Old Miss -- they both had Saban trained coaches. Did you see the defensive backs lined up on the goal line, 6 yds apart? The LSU receiver caught a pass crossing the goal line, 3 yds separating him from the nearest Defenders. The Defenders hadn't even moved. What were they defending, it certainly wasn't the goal line? They were all out of position and doing NO covering.

Our coaches are nice guys --but we need coaches that can teach Defense.

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As Elijah Johnson gets better, so do Jayhawks

It's awfully difficult to teach a dribbler NOT to dribble into big trouble; took 3 1/2 years to get Taylor to perform.

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Opinion: Travis Releford making coach look prescient

JB, you sometimes get a bit wordy, but this series is one of your better thought out articles. Course the reader has to be sort of on your brain level to appreciate it. Many thanks for your brainwork. (Not on a par with your humor which seems a bit too quick.)

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KU cornerback Tyler Patmon leaving program

LeadFarmer, TX10 Thank Goodness there are fans who know about, and care about, Defense. (Ralster, too) Hey, everyone knows Bowen is a nice guy, and great Jayhawk supporter. But he was never taught and can't coach, Defense! The worst thing about Campo is he doesn't really understand 'The Notre Dame Defense'. We need a coach who can teach Elmer's tackling, and Self''s coverage. The Defensive Scheme is important, but is quite a bit behind the other two. The whole Defensive Team needs to be taught those portions that were perhaps lacking in Tyler. meta ralster was the commenter about playing with Bowen -- same guy?

As Self says "Defense Wins Games".

Good luck to Tyler. Hope your next coaches do better on their teaching of Defense.

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KU football program lands oral commitments from Juco LB and WR

Our "System" may look like K State, but they can "tackle" and "cover".

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Four-star defensive tackle Marquel Combs picks KU football via Twitter


Now teach 'tackling', 'coverage', and develop a valid "Defensive Scheme' that doesn't allow open receptions.

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Opinion: Dismal KU football season featured players and plays to celebrate

Good article, Matt! I think it would support an argument that we have some talent. The comment on Patmon might indicate, given a chance, he could 'cover'. It, along with my early commrnts on #24, 23, and 55, would support an argument that the Defense was not taught to 'tackle'. You can even see evidence in the pro's of inability to tackle. (See SD vs GB in exhibition -- The SD receiver side stepped 2 left, the GB defense guy breezed past him and fell on his face, SD made it to the 6 yd line.)

The talent is way better than before. The biggest problem is inability to use the talent -- on Defense. Our coaches must learn how to teach 'Tackling', "Coverage', and devise a Defensive Scheme to use our people. 'Defense' has fallen out of favor the last 50 years, except perhaps at ND. We could really use a Defensive Coach that understands 'The Notre Dame Defense'!


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Spirited victory helps Self preach high-energy approach to Jayhawks

Seems Adam insists on dribbling into trouble! My count was 3 times in his mop up minutes, maybe wrong. It took Taylor about three and a half years to stop dribbling into trouble. Consequently he got us to finish the final four.

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Weis, Jayhawks to host 15 recruits for weekend visits

It is pretty clear our defense was not taught to tackle, cover, or a viable scheme!

Look at how the enemy came back on us. If you had read the 'poster' on Weis his last year at ND, and read the scores, you would know he was fired for inadequate defense. He still is inadequate to evaluate defense -- as are most of you. You can't teach tackling and coverage in a week, nor in the middle of a season. As for me, I''ve been alive and thinking for more games than you have ever seen;

Bailey, Kansas 48

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