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OKC confirms trade for rights to Aldrich

I don't think anyone realizes how good the Thunder will be next year. Adding Cole was a great move. Instant defensive improvement. Durant, of course is the key but Westbrook had a great rookie season and Green has a nice upside as well. MoPete brings a ton of athleticism on defense. Their main area of concern is going to be scoring from the post.

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Nitpicking picks: Scout dishes on KU’s Aldrich, Henry, Collins

"Reed outplayed X last year when it counted". No, he didn't. Not even close. Unless your definition of "counted" was in the last 2 minutes of garbage time.

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Plano sophomore Zach Peters picks Kansas

Is there any advantage to verbally committing? I know it gets a lot of the pressure of the recruitment process off a young athlete's shoulders, but what about his involvement with the team? Is he allowed to practice with them over the summer? Is Coach Self allowed more contact with the player? Can he visit campus any time he wants?

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NFL Draft Spotlight on Kerry Meier

There's always the exception, and I hope in Kerry's case that happens.
"just to name a few"... Your right. In the 26 years since Rice was drafted, and the 500- to 600 receivers that were drafted, you came up with 4 names. They don't time you at the combine for grins and giggles. And although they do look at the whole package, speed at WR is the critical starting point.
What round do you see him going in (if drafted)?

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NFL Draft Spotlight on Kerry Meier

Let's be realistic. Most boards have him around the 25th to 30th best receiver in the draft. Briscoe rates between 10 and 15th and is projected as a late 4th or early 5th rounder. Best case scenario for Kerry (if drafted) will be the 6th or 7th round. Nobody is going to take a chance on WR who runs a 4.6 40. That said, when your drafted that late, teams will take a hard look at your potential, even at other positions

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NFL Draft Spotlight on Kerry Meier

He's not going to be a tight end. He's not going to play defense. He's not going to play QB. He will end up (if he makes a team) as a #3 or slot receiver. Size and good hands for slants and crossing patterns. He's too slow for the wide-out. My guess is 5th or 6th round (possibly non-drafted) and he will need some luck. I could see a practice squad season, where he could bulk up and and be a legitimate TE prospect i.e Finley (Texas/Green Bay).

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10 teams that can win it all: No. 8, Villanova

Those commenting on shooting %'s being higher in the 50's are probably correct. There are 2 factors to consider:
1. The layup was the shot everyone tried. Outside shooting was a 2 handed set shot. The jump shot we are familiar with today, was a radical change in the game that few coaches would teach.
2. Not as many shots. With no time clock, offenses were very deliberate, lots of passing and screening to set up those layups. (moving screens were permitted).

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Men among boys


Morningstar's DUI will be his scarlet letter forever. It's not going away. To me a DUI is a major criminal act that often leads to the death of someone innocent. Brady was lucky, but I hope he (and all of us) are constantly reminded of the stupidity and potential for tragedy of driving while drunk.

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Gary Bedore’s Kansas basketball notebook


Chill dude. He did a great job. Take your Perkin's hate somewhere else.

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Men among boys


The rumor is that JW's knee acted up vs ISU and he was hurting a little. Considering the pace and score of the game, it was probably best to sit him until the end. I still think he's going to add another dimension to this team before the season's over.

Although Collins had an off night, I think he realized he did not have to do it by himself and became a true point guard.

Henry is still struggling. Other than his 3's, he had a bad night. 5 turnovers, poor shot selection and 3-8 shooting.
I liked the 8 man rotation and the sub pattern Self used last night. I think the team finally has an identity.

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