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NCAA Tournament set to expand to 68 teams, will be carried on a combo of CBS, TBS, TNT and TruTV

Glory, glory, Halleluiah! 96 would have been awful. Four play-in games is way better than an entirely new first round.

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Townsend explains giving out KU tickets


How can you say she's in a rather un Ashley-like profession??? Both are professional actresses and both have the same number of Oscar nominations!

Just kidding... but seriously, Ashley Judd has never been nominated for an Oscar.

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A Sherron Collins retrospective: A timeline of the guard's career, shown through photos


"The speed was an editorial choice."

Wow, what a terrible choice. What's the point of a pictorial retrospective if you can't actually enjoy what you're looking at? You put a picture of the fans holding up "ain't no seats" that was so quick it made Huggy Bear's stint in Manhattan seem long. If you didn't already know what the picture was about, you'd have missed it and been clueless.

C'mon, you had to know this doesn't work visually. If I sound heated, it's because I was looking forward to reflecting on one of the greatest players ever to wear a Jayhawk uniform through his years. Instead I practically went into an epileptic seizure.

In any case, the sentiment is the same I guess. But if you do a season retrospective after we win it all in April, let each picture simmer a little bit so we can enjoy what we're looking at.

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!

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10 teams that can win it all: No. 6, Wisconsin

Guys, relax. It's called *10* Teams that can Win it All. Not 5. Realistically does anyone out there think this is going to be Cinderella's year on the hardwood? There are maybe 5 solid teams for four spots the last weekend of the year. After that there is a huge drop off (in my humble opinion). So putting a statistically strong Wisconsin in the other 5 throw-away slots shouldn't be too upsetting to anyone.

And please, don't blame Jesse for the numbers being what they are. You can't argue with those facts. Keep it up, Jesse!

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Men among boys

It's called the Border Showdown, but tonight it was the Border Beatdown.

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OMG! Did you hear about Turner Gill??


All I said was that he, who works for ABC, also said it. I wasn't incorrect.

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FINAL: Markieff Morris scores career-high 19 points in KU's 73-61 win over UCLA

I liked hearing, "Oregon got blown by Missouri." Other than that, these announcers didn't say anything worth hearing.

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OMG! Did you hear about Turner Gill??

Brent Musburger also said Gill was the "leading candidate" for the Kansas job during the Big XII championship game last night, or were you not watching that? Also, I hate Musburger.

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Musings during massacre

Chris Petersen is about to go undefeated again and not get a shot at a natl title. Big 12 schools get to play for titles when they go undefeated (albeit harder to do). Forget keeping our commits, we'd have kids backing out of commitments to other schools!

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