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Carlton Bragg transfer least surprising in basketball history

I am sure this will get me banned, and quite frankly I don't care. Keegan your attitude as an adult talking about a kid the past few weeks to months is probably the worst case of journalism that I have ever seen. You are not talking about a professional athlete that makes a living out of this, but a young man that is trying to figure out his life and get his act together. You might not view it, but you are seen as a de facto voice of the University and it's teams. To treat a student athlete who chose to come to KU and represent it. Was he the best ambassador we ever had? No, but he is an immature 19 year old that is learning and growing...he should know better, but is understandable why he does not? So what is your excuse Tom? Truly despicable.

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Wiggins deflects questions about trade to Wolves

I disagree. Bill is saying exactly what a team leader needs to say, but by Bill saying it Andrew can remain humble and not make the statement. It's just like in politics when a "whitehouse source" says something and then the prez whoever it is can take high road.

My guess is other players see that and greatly appreciate Self taking that role. Self could say Wiggins will be better than LeBron and then Wiggins can laugh when asked about it and say something like "I appreciate that coach, but those are some pretty big shoes to fill." he could then bring up Chamberlain at KU and how Self talked to him about that and come off as confident, but not cocky to his new franchise.

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Frank Mason to open at point guard for Jayhawks

While I agree that the rest of the starters need to be more aggressive on the offensive end with making something happen (I.e. Wiggins and Selden driving and moving with and without the ball), I have not seen Mason's aggressiveness translate to that yet. If anything they seem to get more complacent when he is in.

Our biggest problem (if there is one for a 1 loss team at this point) is that other than Perry and Mason, nobody is looking to make the plays that they might not necessarily score on, but might cause defensive issues such as fouls or poor rotations. I will say Tharpe, Black and Embiid have too a bit out of necessity late in possessions, but rarely other than those two (Mason and Perry) nobody is. Now Mason when he does it does appear to me to be looking score first...Perry looks create opportunity first.

If you think back to past teams, what we need is a Russell Robinson type. He would often make a move and it would cause a rotation and he might not get assist, but the person he passed to made extra pass and was now uncovered due to rotation problems caused by Robinson. It would be interesting if there was ever a stat kept similar to 2 assist in hockey, I bet RussRob would have had ton.

Players like that suddenly make others look more aggressive. A prime candidate would appear to be Selden. He can shoot, so up fakes would be strong, he can drive, he can pass and so far seems to be able to stay out of foul trouble. If he started a bit of on and off ball offensive pressure I believe at that point Tharpe would be the stronger point guard. Until then you almost have to have Mason in to get some flow going.

All that said when watching the Villanova game, for a good chunk of it, I was screaming to put Frankamp in. Our problem there was not valuing the ball and trying to make the low percentage spectacular play instead of the high percentage simple play. One example is the 3 on two break with Tharpe and Mason up right and Perry up left. The D sets up to guard perry and Tharpe with lean Perry and rather than simple pass right to Mason, tries bounce pass that starts break other way. That is like 3rd and 10 and throwing 50 yards downfield into double coverage while you have a running back wide open 9 yards downfield. Go with the smart play and value the ball.

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Current, former KU football players among three arrested in connection with home invasion

I agree with the comments about getting the boot, but have one question. Since it appears shots weren't fired, how was this reported? Did the victim call police and say "hey some guys just came in here with guns and stole my drug money and pot?".

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KU's Self, others not fans of college basketball transfer rule

Maybe I missed it, did he say coaches can't go pro? If you voluntarily leave acadamia or the realm of the NCAA why should the NCAA have any say?

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KU's Self, others not fans of college basketball transfer rule

Because you recruited him to come to your school. I don't care if he plays either, however your institution should still be on the line for the bill and your teams scholarship should still be used. It is nothing like at will employment. If quit your job or more directly comparable are fired not for cause, restricted from participating in any duties at another employer? When a police officer in New Lennox lets say is laid off because the chief doesn't like him, is he relegated to only desk duty at any other police department across the country.

I think people are thinking of this only in basketball context. It happens a lot more in football. There have been plenty of players "cut" by say an Alabama that then had to sit out a year and still played at major institutions and later went pro. So this rule took a full year of earnings out of their hands.

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KU's Self, others not fans of college basketball transfer rule

I assume these same coaches are also in favor of scholarships not being one year renewable and instead length of academic career. One of the worst practices, and we are guilty of it too, is when a coach tells a player they no longer need his service. If an institution can tell a player that they no longer need his service, why should that player be punished for the same thing? How about this change....since the NCAA is so big on institutional control, let's remove all this from individual institutions. All schollies are by NCAA direct. Each institution pays into the schollie fund and the NCAA guarantees scholarships through their length of enrollment in college.

NCAA can then monitor recruiting practices to make sure coaches don't just poach randomly, but the student athlete, who is whom the NCAA should be serving, who appropriately behaves and achieves is free to move. Agreements made are for 4 years or undergrad. If either side violates, they lose that year. So if school rescinds scholarship, they have one fewer that year. If student, they sit out year.

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Self, KU prep for evenly matched battle with Michigan

I will assume you have never been to Vegas and bet. Typically the way it works is that to win $100 you have to bet $110. If you lose, you lose. If you win you get $110. It is known as the vig. They are aiming to pocket the vig, not pick a winner. So if one side is getting too much money bet or laid on it they move the line to incent bets on other side.

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Jayhawks flocked to Elijah Johnson in victorious locker room

Kind of an odd analogy considering the exercise of the First Amendment would include the right to edit what you write and that very amendment took about a dozen drafts that were deleted to end up with our current amendment.

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Twisted ending: Ben McLemore suffers minor ankle injury in KU rout over Baylor

What a dominant defensive statement. Ignore the missed shots and only look at shots made and blocked and we hold them to 50%.....13 blocks and 13 field goals made. They hade the same likely hood of getting blocked as making a basket....that is ridiculous.

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