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Sheahon Zenger’s pick: Take it or Leavitt

In my opinion sour grapes on TK's part because SZ spoke to the national media before addressing the local media figures. Hey TK, get over it! I'd much rather be placed on the "national" map so we can recruit nationally than not. Oh yeah by the way, that national map that Mangino put us on? How did that help him recruit "nationally"? It didn't because we were a blip of a national story for a short time. SZ is attempting to change that. I give him props for this hire. I expect good things for our football program with a 4 time super bowl winner at the helm.

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San Diego State's Steve Fisher unhappy in losing recruit

No worries mate! SDSU isn't even a "has been"... there a "never was"... Moving on now...nothing to see here...

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Contract favors Turner Gill

What is the point of this article??? Maybe you should publish this dribble after three full seasons have transpired... Lets recount: 1. Gill has a completely different system that require certain types of players to run, IE: FB, HB, TE. 2. Gill came in LESS THAN 1 year ago with the cupboards not as full as one would hoped including our best receiver/playmaker leaving school early only to be drafted in the 6th round (great decision, Dez!). 3. Not one coach who was associated with the program is now associated with it (with the exception of a graduate defensive assistant). 4. New strength and conditioning program that stresses a completely different philosophy than the last. 5. How soon you all forget...Mangino did go 2-10 his first year.

The point of this rehashing of events is to make it clear, there is a plan in place and you can't expect miracles overnight. The program whether many of you believe it or not, was in complete disarray by the end of last year. Gill brings a fresh presence and creates a new base to build from as a person and as a coach. All this BS about firing him is a bunch of crap. Give him the 3 years he deserves to execute the plan and we will prosper.


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Matt Tait’s KU football notebook

Really??? Are you sure it's not the fact that the injured players ate at the Dillon's on Iowa the day before the game???? If the injuries were all pulled muscles, the training could possibly raise a red flag. However, I'm not buying what you are selling...

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas


Interim tags are a MUST to keep recruits and continue to recruit. You cannot afford to have no one on the road speaking to the commits and potential commits. My guess is that we have a new head man by the end of next week though.


Rock Chalk

P.S. Thank you coach Mangino for your service...You brought respectability back to our football program during your tenure and truly took it as far as you are capable of. Good luck moving forward.

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Former Kansas golfer earns PGA tour card

Congrats! That is a great accomplishment! To correct the article above, he will actually begin his PGA career the weekend after the Mercedes-Benz championship. The Mercedes-Benz Champonship is a tournament ONLY for winners on the tour the previous year. Mr. Keegan needs to do a little research...

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