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KU argues Beaty attempting to distract from relevant facts in lawsuit

Adjudication is always best achieved in court, not in the media.

I will not be enticed one way or another as the opinions of media types have often lead me astray.

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KU junior Marcus Garrett named Naismith Defensive Player of the Year

‘Don’t ever dribble it when he’s guarding you.’”

Best quote of the entire article!

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Marcus Garrett made the All-Big 12 what team?

It's about envy of Self by B12 coaches. No coach will ever admit it, because it sounds and is petty to the extreme. These coaches are highly competitive and hate to lose (big salaries and coaching insecurity abound). So, why place Garrett on 3rd team? Smith gets it! Reminds me a little of the Broadway play of 1955, Damn Yankees. Does anybody really want to see a sports team dominate year after year after year. UCLA and Wooten, anyone?

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Big 12 coaches pick Udoka Azubuike as Player of the Year, name Marcus Garrett top defender

Scott Drew? I would have voted for him if his team had not collapsed in the season ending schedule. When the pressure arrived Baylor wilted. Sorry folks, that’s not the mark of a COY award. Good job, yes. Not award deserving.

Self is head and shoulders above all of them.

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Jayhawks' bench gets smaller in 2nd half of road win

I often must remind myself every year that KU basketball is an elite program operated by an elite coach with extremely talented players.

I like winning as much as anyone, and I appreciate an ugly win. Life is mostly about grinding out and through tough spots.

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Longtime KU football assistant Clint Bowen leaving Jayhawks

I think you're spot-on.

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Year In Review: The pessimist's take on the 2019 Kansas football season

It all starts and ends with the QB.

Many examples abound.

The conversion of Nolan Cromwell from defense to QB is just one.

Robert Griffin was electrifying, a discovery by a suffering Baylor program at the time (2-6 conference record his freshman yr. & Briles 1st: the previous year Baylor was 3-9 & 0-8).

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Pooka Williams just 2nd Jayhawk to top 1,000 rushing yards in consecutive years

It's a shame he decided to walk out on this teammates.

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Disappointing end to year won't be forgotten as Jayhawks head into offseason work

We need to just get "on the same page" comment been repeated alllllllll season long.

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