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Longtime KU football assistant Clint Bowen leaving Jayhawks

I think you're spot-on.

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Year In Review: The pessimist's take on the 2019 Kansas football season

It all starts and ends with the QB.

Many examples abound.

The conversion of Nolan Cromwell from defense to QB is just one.

Robert Griffin was electrifying, a discovery by a suffering Baylor program at the time (2-6 conference record his freshman yr. & Briles 1st: the previous year Baylor was 3-9 & 0-8).

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Pooka Williams just 2nd Jayhawk to top 1,000 rushing yards in consecutive years

It's a shame he decided to walk out on this teammates.

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Disappointing end to year won't be forgotten as Jayhawks head into offseason work

We need to just get "on the same page" comment been repeated alllllllll season long.

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Jayhawks contend progress was made in Les Miles' 1st year in charge

Yes, and stats do not reflect the buildup of internal staff support and money to run it.
Never forget how woefully behind the program was in overall staff and money allocated when compared to all other B12 programs.

Not all is perfect now, but there are people today at Alabama that are complaining about the same things.

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KU Sports Extra: Flat in the Finale

A head-scratcher of a game for me, but a decade of losing must be a factor. Like it or not, Miles has stated many times the multiple challenges within the program that must overcome, and that it will take time.

This 2019 season is now the Les Miles benchmark from which to measure progress.

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Senior grad transfer Isaiah Moss makes meaningful debut in KU victory

Hamstring injury is slow to heal and easily aggravated.

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Jayhawks stunned in lopsided loss to Wildcats in front of sellout crowd

And...maybe the boys were reading (or hearing the buzz), a little more than they should have, about getting another conference win and be on their way to a bowl?

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'He's a stud': QB Carter Stanley and KU's offense regroup to beat Tech


This is "the Miles Affect" we're witnessing.

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