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Spotlight turns to reserves at KU football's Fan Day practice

If I had to bet, I'd say Lee and Torneden are starting safeties Week 1.

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Jayhawks reveal biggest players and plays after Friday scrimmage

Just saw your question. Octavius Matthews has yet to practice.

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Camp notebook: Variety of individuals impressing David Beaty

Not really. They just mix it up in August. Meacham told me taking hits on the grass is a little more forgiving to the players' bodies in his opinion, though.

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David Beaty outlines long process it will take to turn KU football into a winning program

Should be in next couple weeks. Looking forward to checking them out. And obviously we'll share what we get here.

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The ultimate KU fan favorites of the Bill Self era


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KU football once again picked last in preseason Big 12 poll

Looks like you caught it. Thanks. Fixed.

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Early high school grad Kyron Johnson ahead of schedule thanks to spring experience

Figured out what happened. Beaty's quote that was provided via a transcribing service was off on the weight. Beaty said 205; transcript read 265.
Fixed it in the story. Johnson was listed at 210 on the final spring roster from KU.
Hopefully that clarifies everything.

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