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Warm Florida welcome awaits Joel Embiid

Keys to K.U. Success:
1. Never, Never, Never play a zone with two under 6 foot players in a college team.
2. Realize a talented team must still be coached.
3. Stop looking like a summer travel team, run some plays for your 3pt shooters.
4. Work to improve our defense, Teams are shooting well against us.

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If openers any indication, Duke will spank KU

Let's stop making excuses we are Kansas. For those of us that really know and watch:
1. A good defensive team is not recruited it is couched.
2. Players that are promised minutes and starting positions in the recruiting process have no motivation to play tough defense.
3. Our opponents have figured out that we really only play man to man "Easy to prepare for".
4. As a committee we have bought in to the NBA One and Done Hype and forgot what it takes to win Collage games.

Watch what you ask for you might just get it!
That's it for the tough Love! Let's go out and beat Duke! Go JHawks!

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Wiggins wakes up, helps Kansas top Fort Hays State, 92-75 in exhibition finale

Have you noticed KU makes it's runs when AWIII is in the game? The difference is:
1. His man doesn't score.
2. Great help side defender.
3. He forces turnovers.
4. Is willing to feed the post. " Bigs play Harder"
5. His shooting spaces the floor.
6. Can get to the basket at will.
7. Makes players around him better.
This is a Winning Combination! Go JHawks!

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White’s work ethic evident in, after win

Gary Another great Article, And good candid information.

With that said I would like to comment on a couple post. Let's not talk about another school or next year's opportunities. AWIII Deserves to start and play this year based on his performances in games and practice. " Best Pure Shooting Guard in Kansas". I agree my two favorite players this year are Black, and White. Go JHawks!

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It’s go time: Andrew Wiggins, KU to debut tonight

Joshua Some information to Consider. East coast Big guard play defense with length " Note Michael Jordon". Don't watch his feet watch his hands. AW3 lead KU in steals and scoring in Europe his freshman year, And plus I can always see room for improvement. You are right Left and Latteral quickness makes players Special. Good Luck to the guys tonight and stay Healthy.

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Bill Self: Kansas hoops lineup coming clear

Gary Thank you for your inside KU Basketball article, Very informative. You ask good questions and get great answers.

With all the hype and a young inexperience team I was a little worried, But at the end of the day "or at least this one".

#1 Naddir is our best point guard. " Solid and Consistent".
#2 Wiggins is our most athltic player. " Slasher " And can dominate at times.
#3 Ellis Best forward, good mid range shot. Great body control and can dominate at times.
#4 White best Natural shooting guard, Perimeter defender and can dominate at times.
#5 Good rebounding, Defending and spacing will make this season Special.

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Andrew Wiggins scores 21; KU draws 10,000 fans for scrimmage

Looks like Andrew White is KU's Best defender. He has led us in steals and had double figures in points for both scrimmages! Keep up the good work!

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