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Tom Keegan: Bob Huggins' frustrations erupt in late-game ejection

WV missed a ton of shots late, that was the game. And they made way more than usual early. I did not see any bogus non-calls against KU. The car salesman can go pound sand.

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Comeback kids: Jayhawks rally to knock off West Virginia again

must be getting close to March, first game I was standing yelling at the TV. We got this!!!

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Game day Breakdown: No. 13 KU basketball vs. No. 20 West Virginia

we got this Jayhawks!

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Tom Keegan: Voice of current Jayhawks listens to voice from past

We need Newman and Vick to REALLY turn up the intensity. They both always seem to be playing at about 75%, rarely breaking a sweat. I don't know, you just rarely see either winded or looking like they are going at 100%.

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FBI probe of college basketball back in the news

Certainly hope KU is not swept up in this, in any way. This has been a crappy year by KU standards anyway.

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Tom Keegan: Big 12 basketball race heading into home stretch

I have basically gotten to the place where I view every game we play now as a 50/50 game. Does not seem to matter whether it is home or away, the only thing that matters is our intensity we bring. Some games we do, some games we don't. A very unique year.

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Udoka Azubuike sparks KU in bounce-back win over ISU

great win, but dang I was getting tweaked with all the missed FT's in the last 2 minutes. We've done that before. On a positive note, great game by Vick, we need that every game!

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Self understands 'heavens are falling' but remains focused on KU getting better

I was thinking the other day how we need a warrior under the boards like Jamari Traylor. Man that guy would grab multiple put backs until he got that sucker in the hole!

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Everything, including chemistry, awry for No. 10 Kansas in loss at Baylor

and the reality is, it was the KU administration that should have caught the Billy car deal earlier, and then when they did, THEY made the decision to sit him to see if their self imposed penalty would be enough. In the end, who knows how it blew up. So I almost blame Billy for getting the car and KU for not being on top of it sooner, than I do the NCAA.

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