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Notebook: Malik Newman leaves game with a concussion

Svi just had a horrible night. But our guards are prone to being stripped of the ball a lot.

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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks missing scoring spark off the bench

Conference play is going to be just like the last two games, so we better get our act together pronto, or the streak will end.

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More Miscues: Jayhawks struggle defensively, fall at home to Arizona State

Our guards simply do not guard well and have a very difficult time staying in front of their man. Two games in a row we've allowed the opponent to shoot over 50%. We normally win when we keep that at 40%. Svi just had a pretty bad game today, shot terribly, turned it over so many times I lost count. Newman needs to be forbidden from taking layups. He can drive, but he must be instructed to pass at the last second. He gets stuffed more than a thanksgiving day turkey. If our guards can't move their feet well enough to stay in front of their man, a zone may be our only option.

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Game day breakdown: No. 2 KU basketball vs. No. 16 Arizona State

Should be a great game, probably a very close game. The extended minutes we are playing with the 7 man rotation may have played into the sluggishness against Washington State, but its only going to get worse once the brutal b-12 schedule starts. We need Preston now.

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Tom Keegan: Basketball man-child Udoka Azubuike doing his best to catch up

Dok will come around. I think coach yanks him too soon. I'd leave him in, even with 2 fouls in the first half. His trend is to then be a bit more tentative on defense, but even a tentative Dok on defense is better than anything on the bench.

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Tom Keegan: Basketball man-child Udoka Azubuike doing his best to catch up

Ayton is a true beast, a NBA body, looks a lot like the current day Embid. He has it all and will take Arizona far.

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Kansas basketball coach Bill Self searching for 'dogs'

Frank made a big jump from junior to senior year as far as REALLY using his body to draw fouls. Its pretty hard to expect any guard to fill his shoes, guys like him don't come along very often, but he is a nice goal to achieve. Josh, again, have not seen an alpha dog like him in a long, long time. Lucas, not much of a dog to me, great quality 4 year man, but DOK already attacks much more ferociously. Dok's numbers are probably equal to any Lando put up.

I don't know about anyone else, but this game tomorrow is big to me. It will show whether the Washington game was an anomaly or an indication we really are not top 10 material.

I'd say Vick is out closest thing to an alpha dog, he just needs to let himself go a bit more, I mean really unleash the beast!

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Notebook: New Orleans prep re-opens his recruitment

no surprise here. 1-11 here we come.

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