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Tom Keegan: Army's near upset of Oklahoma a nice blueprint

I still think we will have a lot of 3 and outs. We will most likely be down two scores or more in the first quarter this week-end, at which point passing will be necessary to get back in the game. I guess we could play just to keep the score from being too lopsided.

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Kansas offense reverts to past in 26-7 loss to Baylor in Big 12 opener

We were not competitive today at all. When you lose by 3+ scores, it just shows we continue to be out-matched in conference play. Our lines were manhandled. Take all the penalties away from Baylor and it would have been worse. With Okie State losing tonight to Texas Tech, look for them to come into Lawrence with a burr up their butt and kick ours.

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Bears welcome Jayhawks to Big 12 play with 26-7 defeat

B-12 lines are just going to make things tough to even hope for a win in conference.

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Beaty: Pooka Williams' eligibility issue 'behind me until somebody tells me different'

It would be nice to know more about these eligibility issues whether football or basketball. guess its none of our business...

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Jayhawks pummel Rutgers, 55-14

great win Bryson!

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Tom Keegan: A comparison of KU's 98 games under Mangino to the 98 since

The Beaty homers need to slow their roll. He got one win. Even a win this Saturday, which would certainly be nice, does not reflect an ability to be competitive in our own league. I still think we go winless in the b-12. A loss this Saturday to the bottom feeder in the B1G will be yet another blow to an already horrible record. A win, yes, maybe there is hope something is happening. This game will tell us a lot. Go Jayhawks!

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Kansas Basketball Record Watch 2018-19: Silvio De Sousa

as usual, we do not know what is going on with Silvio, and maybe we don't deserve to know, or the other investigations have not been completed. I get it that he was cleared to play at KU, but that was before this allegation of money going to his coach/father figure/friend/guardian.

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Notebook: RB Pooka Williams cleared for debut ‘late, late’ Friday night

I agree with Joe, there should be more transparency on these deals. Anyway, congrats to Pooka on a great game, all the kids and coach Beaty and staff. Sure would be nice to knock off a B1G team next week. Let's go Jayhawks!

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