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Tied to the end: Graham, Mykhailiuk officially leave Kansas 13 picks apart in 2018 NBA Draft

Word to all high school recruits...don't take cars. or the 90K that was alleged to have to have gone to "them". What a loss for everyone.

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Bill Self: Intangibles the key now for undrafted Jayhawk Billy Preston

Whoever enticed him to get that car should be put in jail. What a huge mistake. Everyone lost on that deal. Such a shame.

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Bill Self: KU in 'good place' with Silvio De Sousa's eligibility

Not much news here. Sort of like the Preston car deal. Not sure we will ever get details. Guess its none of our business.

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KU coach Bill Self still plans to meet with Lagerald Vick about future plans

Vick will always be a Jayhawk and had some great moments, but his inconsistency last year sealed the deal that if we had a great recruiting class, his minutes would go way down this year. Add to that he is just not a vocal leader type. His personality looks pretty quiet, shy, at least based on some Q&A's before the media after games. I hope he gets on in Europe like Tyshawn did.

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KU freshman PG Devon Dotson 'a jet' in the open floor

wow, we are stacked.

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After receiving NBA feedback, Udoka Azubuike aims to get in 'way better shape'

Hopefully they told him to work on his free throw shooting. Sub 50% is a real liability in any league. Coach Self had to yank him the last 5 minutes of a number of close games last year. This year will be more of the same if he still struggles at the line. At least this year we will have better options in that situation than last year.

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Un-hyped Jayhawks don't mind entering season without buzz

well, I hope you are right. I'll take any bet you want to make we don't beat Nicholls state by "20 with ease at minimum" Should be a real dog fight. And if it is, I'm hoping you will be a bit more realistic about how low our program has sunk. 3 years in and one just needs to look at "scoreboard". Last year was a giant step backwards, and I'm not sure what you are looking at this upcoming year to think we will be better.

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Un-hyped Jayhawks don't mind entering season without buzz

I can't even see one win this year. Hope I am wrong. I don't think I ever saw KU football this bad, even under Gill or Weiss. This is just the pits, a real dumpster fire. :(

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Tom Keegan: David McCormack doesn't look, sound or play basketball like a teenager

Anyone know when we will find out the fate of Silvio?

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Day 1 of Kansas basketball summer workouts features familiar look from years past

I for one will be glad to see the Jayhawks back to the hi-lo 2-3 bigs out there. I really did enjoy the 3-ball game, but KU's history is bigs in the paint.

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