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Andrew Wiggins and Bill Self talk after camp scrimmage

How about Jason King's "fancy pinky" around 2:22? No shyness about being in the shot it.

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Danny Manning’s former boss — Kansas coach Bill Self — is in the front row, second from left in this

Young Norm Roberts to Bill's right (photo left).

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Runner-up fuels competitive fire

Ryan Cantwell? You mean Christian Cantwell? Come on, Keegs...for as many articles as you write about this event every year, at least get to know the main characters. I know he's a Tiger, but he's also an Olympic medalist.

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Purdue's Matt Painter, Robbie Hummel and Lewis Jackson (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

Yeah, that was typical Gregg Doyle. Always trying to stir the pot.

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Analyzing the Danny Manning Effect

Thanks, Jesse. However, can we take this down soon? Don't want other programs to know what they're missing...

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Greatest KU games No. 1: A score to remember

I love THAT version of the picture. The one with Julian Wright under the basket, about to experience the downside of leaving early for the NBA. Although, I'm sure he was in the locker room afterwards.

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Behind the Lens: Time-lapse photography captures Fieldhouse atmosphere

I loved seeing the crowd, especially the student section during the alma mater and free throws. Just looks like a bunch of wiggling smurfs.

Very cool stuff, Nick. I can't think of another news staff that has such creativity and ability to capture the mood, moment, or personality.

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Throw Some T's on that Dude (A Brady Morningsleeves Story)

Nice. But you're forgetting the HyperColor t-shirt.

Pros: Makes it easy for refs to make foul calls: "Look - here's his handprint!"

Cons: Sweating would probably negate the color change effect, so he'd have to change shirts at every timeout.

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Clutch Collins easy pick for No. 1

eastcoasthawk - You are spot on. Brady frustrated the heck out of his man, and supplemented Xavier's steal numbers by getting in the Baylor guards' faces. Last night it seemed like Cole went after every pump fake, pass fake, and head fake, giving them open looks. He'll come around.

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