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Bill Self praises role players for win at SDSU

That is fair Tim, and you bring up some good points, unlike Jay who is a troll. I guess after Self had said he wished he got Oubre minutes earlier in the season than he did that he would have provided more effort to get minutes for Diallo and Bragg. It just seems disappointing that Self fought to get Diallo eligible and he is still going slow with him, instead of pushing his development. I also think Bragg is playing incredibly well and if there is anyone I really think should be on the court more it is him.

Lastly, I am not a Traylor hater, and admire where he came from and that he has graduated this year. That is major kudos to him, and he should be applauded for that big time. I guess it comes down to giving the up and comers like Diallo and especially Bragg some more minutes because of how good they can be by the end of the season. I do think Lucas and Mickelson could soon lose their minutes as the season progresses. We shall see what happens. Happy holidays.

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Bill Self praises role players for win at SDSU

Traylor looked good on defense? Hardly. He also was driven on twice, lost the ball while trying to drive, and dribble. Diallo and Bragg both give us an inside presence while taking the pressure off of Ellis, which Traylor does not do.

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Bill Self praises role players for win at SDSU

“It’s not easy to play six big guys, and we played one of them 17 minutes in the first half (Ellis). Have to give everybody a chance. "

I forgot this was a youth YMCA team and not a team contending for a Final Four. Diallo looked good the first half, and deserved to play in the 2nd half. The announcers were even baffled that he was benched. Heck, Bragg is the one that plays best with Ellis and he didn't even play the 2nd half. Traylor did not give us anything special and even had defensive lapses like leaving his man who ended up scoring without anyone around down low.

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Jayhawks deliver highlights in romp

Bragg needs to be in the starting lineup. He is improving by leaps and bounds. I am glad to see guys drive the lane to find Greene on the outside to knockdown 3's. We have the weapons, let's use them. Also, it was nice to see KY jelly and puke lose.

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Less is more: Shortened rotation propels KU

Have felt that we need to shorten our bench to 8 guys. How else can we create continuity within the guys playing on the floor? Can't create rhythm and fluidity with 11 guys sharing minutes. Figure out the rotation, and let's dominate so we can become the Final Four team everyone says we are.

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Markieff Morris' days with Phoenix might be numbered

Sounds to me like the organization is saying all the right things because Morris may have become a cancer they need to get rid of. He is a talent, but this summer when Marcus was traded he went on a rant of not wanting to be there. It is possible they are sick of him now, and playing nice until he is gone.

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Hunter Mickelson happy to start

Self needs to be careful about musical chairs at the center spot. By conference play we need to have that starting spot figured out so that the starting 5 can play as a fluid, dominant unit.

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Great to be back: Kansas cruises in Brannen Greene's return

We need Greene if we are going to go far. His shooting is special, period. With him out there teams have to think twice about collapsing down low. I just wish we would set up plays for him to shoot.

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Kansas blows out Holy Cross

Diallo and Bragg play really well together. I thought the lineup of Diallo, Bragg, Greene, Svi and Graham was really potent. Opposing teams would have real issues with this group.

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Tom Keegan: Perry Ellis hasn't been himself

The problem is Lucas isn't getting better. He hustles, and can rebound, but doesn't play above the rim or attack it on offense. He is what he is, and that is why we need a big time center so that Lucas can be our 5 off the bench, not the starter.

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