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Gameday Breakdown: No. 5 KU basketball vs. Georgia

I agree Dirk. To date Landon has not been strong with the ball inside and again seems shot block conscious when he gets the ball deep with a physical, shot blocking big guarding him and he still has not developed a 10 to 12 foot jump shot. Carlton wants to be a face up big man who has not yet become a physical inside presence. He has a good touch shooting the 15 to 18 foot jumper. He has not been aggressive in looking for his shot. I believe in the 4 games to date he has not attempted more than 7 shots in a game.Coming into this season it was anticipated that he would average 12 points and 7 or 8 rebounds a game. Udoka is a man child with a tremendous upside. Even at age 17 he is a beast on the boards. Offensively, other than a dunk, he has no go to move. One of the things I was most encouraged about Monday night was Udoka's 3 point play where he received the ball down low, did not bring the ball down and made a semi jump hook and the and one free throw. It was hoped that Landon would start the season playing as he had at the end of the season last year so Udoka could be brought along slowly while adjusting to the college game's pace and the physicality underneath. This process now seems to be expedited as Landon's play has provided Udoka with more early playing time than anticipated and I can foresee his minutes increasing. As has been mentioned in other posts we are a guard oriented team and why not, but we must get more out of our 3 bigs than 10 total points. The Georgia game will be a good test for our bigs as one of the Georgia strengths is their inside game with their 2 big physical post players. It is so very early yet and I am confident that as the season goes on our bigs will contribute more offensively.

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Notebook: Jayhawks prepare for Big 12-SEC matchup in CBE title game

Might be a good test for us as Georgia is strong and physical down low, where our bigs have struggled. Frasier is very capable, but so is Frank.

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Josh Jackson flies to top of ratings vs. UAB

He did a much better job of sliding his feet and keeping his man in front of him. Lateral movement and footwork much better defensively. Handled the ball well.

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KU's Jackson, Mason and Graham combine for 58 points in win over UAB

The comparisons between Josh and Andrew are inevitable. One thing appears apparent however, and that is the fact that Josh is more aggressive and assertive going to the basket. He is better off the bounce and his court vision is exceptional. He is a complete player with a remarkable feel for and knowledge of the game. For the first couple of games I feel like he was just trying to fit in and "Be one of the guys" and share the adoration with his veteran teammates. It should be obvious now that he has the "game" to carry us when necessary. His free throw shooting is a bit concerning as he seems to short arm the shot with little follow threw. Lightfoot's mechanics are not good for the same reason. Josh will draw many fouls on his forays to the cup. He needs to shoot at least 70%. He is a clever passer. It should be clear after this performance that his abilities coming out of high school, were not exaggerated or embellished. He is the real deal. Let's enjoy him while we can.

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2017 PF Billy Preston picks Kansas

You are correct sir.

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KU's Frank Mason bringing stellar start to Allen Fieldhouse

Harlan, HCBS has always been good at recognizing who started our blue chip program and I certainly appreciate that.

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Fearless Frank: Mason drills game-winning shot for 77-75 win over No. 1 Duke

Did not know that Jay. Are you saying the physicality of their relationship has taken Devonte's legs ? If true, that cheerleader must transfer to another school. Maybe we could set her up with Nadir.

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Fearless Frank: Mason drills game-winning shot for 77-75 win over No. 1 Duke

As stated before, both Jackson and Lightfoot seem to short arm their free throws, with little or no follow threw. Neither appear to pronate their wrist on the release. Josh will be fouled a lot. He needs to shoot 70% from the line. Mitch was active and is more athletic than I gave him credit for. Our "shooting coach" Townsend, will and needs to work with them on their shot release.

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Duke's Krzyzewski on Kansas: 'They're really good'

How about the number 1 recruit in the country Giles? I hear he's pretty good.

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