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Diligent Withey looking to move past injuries

Big difference between best all-around and best player.

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Maryland prep forward Hopkins to visit Jayhawks

You don't need tickets. Just show up early and you should be able to get in.

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Beshears’ day not unexpected

You're trying too hard.

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Growing pains: KU’s Tyshawn Taylor learns from mistakes

Jeff Graves was pretty solid. He had some problems, but I don't think he was in the same class as the other two you posted.

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Kansas Athletics, Joe-College settle legal issues

You can't print a shirt that says "Kansas"????

That's as backwards as it can get. What's next, you can't print a shirt that says "America"?

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Marcus takes top Keegan honor for 7th time this season

+1 on Cole being #1. Marcus should've been #2.

Cole altered a lot of shots that keegs didn't bother to watch.

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Brackins lauds KU

I like Brackins. He sounds very sincere and is a very good player. I wish him the best of luck (whenever he's not playing against KU).

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Senior McCray tears ACL, out for season

Oh my...very depressing news for her and the women's team. Thanks for the wonderful years at KU!

February 5, 2010 at 12:55 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Wooden connected to Memorial Stadium

Great article. I've always been a little sketchy on the details, but now I know a little bit more about this. Thanks! crow.

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‘We didn’t get it done’

"So, two straight games now with opponents exceeding 40 percent FGs, after a streak of was it 80-some games with opponents below 40 percent? I guess a team hitting half its 3pt attempts will do that to percentages."

Holding opponents below 50% is the streak. Not below 40%.

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