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Two of three Duncanville High players decommit from Kansas women's basketball

I get it, it happens all the time, they’re kids, yadda yadda, but I hate this crap. I know it’ll never happen, but I’d like to see it change to where kids can’t commit until their senior year and if they decommit, unless related to a coaching change, they lose a year of eligibility. They need to take the decision a lot more seriously. /end grumpy old man rant..

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KU defense played 'by far' its best game of season at ISU

They played better than the Chief's defense is playing today.

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Following loss, David Beaty declares need for balance in KU's offense

That may well be the case, but while the offense was definitely not good, I'm WAY more concerned about the defense. I could probably grab 11 posters from random from this site and cover the secondary as well as we did on Saturday.

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Texas prep receiver Hunt de-commits from Kansas

I get that they're just young kids, and I get that they often make commitment decisions prematurely and in the heat of the moment, but I pretty much lose respect for a guy as soon as he pulls this garbage. Gets really old.

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As NBA trends smaller, former KU center Jeff Withey remains optimistic entering free agency

First, and most importantly, because that's not the subject of this article.

Second, they aren't prosecuting him and determined that the accuser was likely the aggressor and instigator of the situation and Withey had a reasonable claim of self-defense.

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Lakers get Josh Jackson out of 'comfort zone' with 2nd pre-draft workout

As much as I'm not really a Lakers fan, I'd love to see them take Josh - although really anyone but Ball, just to see LaVar's head explode.

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NBA commissioner: One-and-done system 'not working for anyone'

How can you say it's an NCAA issue, not an NBA issue? The only reason OADs exist is the NBA's age policy.

I agree that something needs to be done with the scholarships, though. However making them count for three years puts the schools at a disadvantage - say in the case of a kid that comes in and blows away expectations and then wants to bolt.

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Tom Keegan: Outgoing chancellor jumped gun on incoming chancellor

I literally laughed out loud at your last line. That's good stuff.

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Which KU football player should go No. 1 in the spring game draft?

Good grief, Coach Hull completely dwarfs Coach Perry and HCDB!

Can't wait for the season to get started! ROCK CHALK!!

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