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Transcript: Matt Tait talks KU-UMKC as Bill Self goes for win No. 600

I would NEVER love Marshall. The mere thought of him as our coach makes me nauseous..

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Postgame Report Card: Kansas 89, Stanford 74

Free throw shooting - F

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Jayhawks drop season finale at K-State, 34-19

The biggest problem is that Stanley, while a good player who seems to run the game well, has a horribly weak arm. Hope he can strengthen it up some in the off season.

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False Start: Jayhawks can't recover from slow start in 48-21 loss

And a rarity, we actually finished stronger than we started. Granted, they pulled their starters towards the end of the game, but we won the second half. How often does that happen? I like Stanley moving forward. Michael Maris, you're right though - his longer throws sure do float.

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QB Montell Cozart apologizes to teammates for latest Kansas loss

Don't know if you're a Royals fan or not, but that's how I've been feeling about Joakim Soria lately. He's had a brutal year and people are trashing him (with some cause), but I blame Ned Yost a good deal for continually putting him in games in crucial situations, only to see him blow a lead and lose a game.

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Matt Tait: Weekend challenge for KU football fans: Protect the posts

Great article, Matt - I'm 100% in agreement. I really hope they ramp up security to prevent it, because I don't have enough faith in the student fan base to not do it.

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Another 2017 O-Lineman de-commits from KU Football

It's all just lip service. His line about not being familiar with the recruiting process is a load of crap, too. I get that it's unfortunately part of the process and happens all the time, but I still think it's classless.

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Brannen Greene latest Jayhawk to turn pro

To be clear, I wasn't implying that their turnovers totally cost us - I agree with everything you said. Just pointing out that in a critical moment at the end of the game, they both had pretty careless TOs.

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Brannen Greene latest Jayhawk to turn pro

Of course, Graham and Mason did the same thing against Villanova..

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Brannen Greene latest Jayhawk to turn pro

Certainly wish him the best, but this seems likely to be a decision that backfires. I'd be surprised if he's even a second round pick.

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