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Kansas ties easy to find as AD search begins at KU

He also helped select Perkins, just sayin..

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Kansas ties easy to find as AD search begins at KU

Full disclosure, I know *nothing* about Lester, but I can’t imagine that an individual that’s been a part of the department for so many years of poor performance is the right guy for the job. I don’t see how it says anything other than he was there and there wasn’t a better option.

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Devonte' Graham snags second Big 12 Player of the Year honor

Just read this on Twitter.. Guess that’d be a no.. lol

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KU big man Udoka Azubuike's free throw fix still a work in progress

Watching him, it just looks like there is way too much thinking going on. Add all the pressure he feels from the media exposure given to his struggles and it’s no wonder he’s having a rough time. Hope he can work on it and get things sorted out.

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Tom Keegan: Voice of current Jayhawks listens to voice from past

Which is really frustrating because when they really turn it up, they’re both insanely good. Athleticism off the charts. I don’t get why they’re not always in high gear.

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Gameday Breakdown: No. 10 KU basketball at Baylor

I wouldn’t say we’re on the brink of the most important stretch, I’d say we’re there. With the way Tech is playing, every game is a must win.

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Postgame Report Card: Oklahoma State 84, Kansas 79

You’re way more generous than I’d be today. D’s across the board..

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Hack-a-Dok: Free-throw shooting woes send KU home from Oklahoma in defeat

With five minutes to play, Lon said to McNeace "When there are three minutes left, start fouling."

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Dorance Armstrong to skip senior year at KU, enter NFL Draft

“Once a Jayhawk always a Jayhawk.” - until I bail on y'all..

While I certainly can't say I blame him for leaving, I always hate seein' guys leave their team behind.

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Notebook: New Orleans prep re-opens his recruitment

I agree 100%, it’s stupid. I think verbals should just go away altogether. Your first commit is written and signed and if you rescind, you sit a year.

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