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Column: Blame Weis for ’15 struggles

Agreed.. Not to mention he was just clueless and had no plan - in way over his head. Try to find any snippet from a post game presser where he sounded like he had any idea at all what had happened, why we lost, what his plan was to improve..

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Perry Ellis reveals decision to remain at Kansas for senior season

I'm with Ashwin.. What on earth was unnecessary and confusing about the process? He was looking into options as to whether he could likely move on to the next level and made the decision to stay based on that.

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Bill Self: College game needs work

Miami got hosed on one of those in the NIT final against Stanford. I hate that call too.

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Bill Self: College game needs work

Rapidly losing relevance? Did you miss the part about this being the second most viewed college hoops season in ESPN's history?

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Geno Auriemma tops this KU wish list

It's a wish list. Good lord some of y'all are dense.

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Hot start carries Kansas to rivalry win

Our inability to extend first half domination into second half demolition is maddening. Always glad for the win, but it seems like this has been a problem for years. I just don't get it.

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Kansas track wins 14 events

Why would you post this without posting the actual team results? Great that individuals won events, but put it in context.

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Source: David Beaty expected to be named KU's head coach, perhaps as soon as today

ESPN is running it on the Sportscenter update sidebar

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Is the Big 12 really rooting for Missouri football this weekend? You bet.

Nope, never. Certainly a Big 12 fan, but I'll never root for Missouri. Ever. Well, let me restate. If a Missouri win in some contest would somehow directly create a better situation for KU, then I could see it. But even then, and even though it's semantics, I would not root FOR Missouri. I would root AGAINST the other team.

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GAMEDAY BREAKDOWN: A look at Saturday's Kansas-Kansas State football game

The main reason I wish we hadn't fired Mangino is if he was still around, we wouldn't have to read your blathering posts every day about how it was a travesty to fire him and how much you want him back.

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