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Column: Enough football negativity already

Well, and the silly/stupid thing is - if we were all in the same room together, I have a feeling we'd probably all get along swimmingly. After all, we're all Jayhawks.

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Column: Enough football negativity already

"About now, I'm sure the reality is dawning on you that your statement has gotten you out on a limb that you're wishing to crawl back off of."

Actually no, not at all. I still stand by it. You pretty much just said you already know everything - so why do you need the reporters to tell you?

Anyhow, I can see from the comments below that this thread has fully been beaten to death, so I'll leave it at that.


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Charlie Weis praises Montell Cozart's decisions

Did you record the spring game personally, or did I/am I missing something on the site here?

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KU football unveils "Crimson Chrome" uniforms

I think they look great - only thing for my personal preference is that I like the pants and jerseys to be different colors, but these are nice.

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Column: Enough football negativity already

And how would you propose they do that when they haven't seen any of the teams we'll be playing against and have not seen our team compete against anyone? It's audacious of you to think that's possible. All they can do is report on what they see. Would it make you feel better if at the end of every article they just said "But they probably will suck"?

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Work of (Coz)art: Kansas QB’s confidence soaring

"The girl giggling, saliva drooling, and overall bro love responses about Mangino are comical."

Agreed 150%. Great post.

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Work of (Coz)art: Kansas QB’s confidence soaring

I was hoping you would reply in this thread, Matt. I, for one, will never tire of the optimism and hope. I think most of us are able to temper that in our minds and be realistic while still hoping for the big strides and progress.

Thank you so much for all the coverage you guys provide on our Jayhawks day in and day out!

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Sources: Cleveland finalizes deal to send Wiggins to Minnesota

How did you get that from what I wrote? Ron, you're exactly right with regard to what I meant (I thought it was relatively clear).

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Sources: Cleveland finalizes deal to send Wiggins to Minnesota

Brought it on himself? That may be the most ridiculous thing I've read on the subject. Cleveland does want him, but they're just impatient and want to win next year (which they won't do) instead of waiting a year to pick up Love in free agency. Wiggins put up 17/6, shot 77.5 from the line his one year and set the freshman scoring record, let the team in steals and was second in blocks. Did he live up to the extreme and unwarranted hype surrounding him? No. But I wouldn't call that struggling.

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Fox Sports conducts anonymous player poll at Big 12 Media Days

I agree about the fans - it's disgraceful. But it's not because they're too into basketball - it's that they just don't have the fortitude to fully support the team.

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