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Wiggins' Monday announcement won't surprise but will be meaningful

As physical as the game is these days, I'm not sure the pros are even ready for the NBA grind.

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Wiggins' Monday announcement won't surprise but will be meaningful

They don't even play until next weekend. How is a 15 minute press conference on a Monday afternoon a distraction and disrespectful? That doesn't even make sense. Not to mention the fact that the entire basketball world has known this since he came to KU - it's not like it's a big shock.

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Little national uproar over KU's loss to Stanford

Embiid is not the reason we lost that game. He is not the reason we shot 32.8% from the field. We held Stanford 13.5 points below their season average and we were 22.6 points under ours. Sure, having him inside would have helped us run our offense, but if we shoot 36.2% (still crappy), we win the game. All other stats were more or less even. We lost the game because nobody on the team could make a freakin' shot except Conner and Tarik.

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The Day After: An early exit from the NCAA Tournament

I think one of the things that I liked - but that also annoyed me - about this team, was the fight that they would show towards the end of games. We'd come out dull, flat, sloppy, whatever, play crappy, get down and then with 10 minutes left, we'd amp it up and play some really solid ball. Why we couldn't do that from the opening tip, I don't know. Almost thought maybe we should have asked to be able to spot our opponents 10 points at the beginning of the game so we'd have some fire.

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Arch sadness: KU's season ends in St. Louis, in round of 32

Normally your posts seem pretty solid. This one? Yeah, not so much.

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Andrew Wiggins even better than EKU expected

Just logged in to say the same thing, Brett.. Classy comments after a tough loss..

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'Unacceptable' performance: Jayhawks lament lack of defense in loss to Iowa State

And you know this how? You're a mind reader, I guess?

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'Unacceptable' performance: Jayhawks lament lack of defense in loss to Iowa State

You're missing the point - this team has never said they think they deserve a 2 seed.

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Jayhawks: No change in goals with Embiid out for Big 12 tourney

I feel like I SHOULD cheer for WSU since they're from KS. But honestly, with regard to your "dose of reality", I would LOVE for them to be the first #1 to ever lose to a #16.

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Big 12 Teleconference notes: Embiid's family asked for second opinion from back specialist

Barnes is not, and will never be, deserving of COTY.

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