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Which KU football player should go No. 1 in the spring game draft?

Good grief, Coach Hull completely dwarfs Coach Perry and HCDB!

Can't wait for the season to get started! ROCK CHALK!!

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Josh Jackson tops ratings vs. Michigan State

Though his numbers weren't huge, his play was - I think Coleby deserves to be higher on the list for this game. He lays an egg, we could have easily lost this game.

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Bill Walton in Austin and Mars on Saturday, Boulder and Mars on Thursday

He's a disgrace to the profession. No business in the job.

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Tom Keegan: Fearless Frank and friends make encore a memorable one

Hey Buck - the KU Athletics site has them posted now if you want to see better video and audio.

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Alvamar Country Club changes name to Jayhawk Club; deal struck with KU

"To continue what he started"....

By taking the course public, selling out the name, shutting down 9 holes and removing it from availability to the city of Lawrence..

Riiiiight... Pretty sure that's not at all what Billings intended..

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Notebook: Jayhawks keep business as usual after Big 12 outright title; Bill Walton meets with team

Walton is a disgrace to the broadcasting profession.

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2017 PG Trae Young picks Oklahoma

I don't really mind the pitches made by coaches and the recruiting they do. I just don't give a crap when 5 star Bobby Diva cuts his final 17 teams to his final 6 and then his big announcement day is coming up in two weeks and then it's the big day and he has a freaking televised press conference to announce. Far as I'm concerned just sign some kids and I'll see em when they hit the court.

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2017 PG Trae Young picks Oklahoma

Honestly couldn't care less about this. I'm confident in Self to win with whomever we get/have.The attention and hoopla about hoops recruits is tiresome.

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Four-star WR Chase decommits from KU football

That's exactly how I interpreted it as well.

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Four-star WR Chase decommits from KU football

I'm hoping that he might end up coming anyhow.. The thing that annoys me the most, based just on how his post reads, is that it doesn't sound like he had a change of heart, it sounds like his parents talked him out of it..

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