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Another 2017 O-Lineman de-commits from KU Football

It's all just lip service. His line about not being familiar with the recruiting process is a load of crap, too. I get that it's unfortunately part of the process and happens all the time, but I still think it's classless.

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Brannen Greene latest Jayhawk to turn pro

To be clear, I wasn't implying that their turnovers totally cost us - I agree with everything you said. Just pointing out that in a critical moment at the end of the game, they both had pretty careless TOs.

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Brannen Greene latest Jayhawk to turn pro

Of course, Graham and Mason did the same thing against Villanova..

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Brannen Greene latest Jayhawk to turn pro

Certainly wish him the best, but this seems likely to be a decision that backfires. I'd be surprised if he's even a second round pick.

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Mark Turgeon: We lost to nation's best team

I don't really see it as "exactly the same thing". It wasn't the fact that it was a bucket scored as time ran out. It was the manner in which it was done. It was a casual few steps and a little toss layup compared to a dunk. I agree, though, that it was blown out of proportion, but if Greene had just laid it up like Frank did, I bet it would never have been a thing.

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Austin Peay's Khalil Davis grew up rooting against Kansas

Did you read a different article? I don't see anything in this article at all that comes across even slightly cocky or mouthy.

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The Day After: Win No. 25 delivers Big 12 title No. 12

That picture of Traylor, Jackson and Mason looks like a soccer match.. lol

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Jayhawks avenge road loss to Oklahoma State

I watched the game with my mom tonight. She asked me before the game who I thought would have the big game tonight and I replied that I thought we'd have a balanced attack - which is exactly what we got. So much more dangerous if we can do that. Exactly as you said - spread it out amongst everyone like that and we're a tough out.

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Source: Reggie Mitchell expected to leave KU football for Arkansas

Damn.. That would/will suck..

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Did Bill Self overreact to Brannen Greene's dunk vs. K-State?

IMHO, Cowherd is easily one of the worst sports media personalities in the business, so his thoughts don't mean a lot to me.

I think Coach Self overreacted a bit, but I'm fine with it. Greene has not shown any ability to maintain a consistent level of responsibility and maturity - it's really tiring.

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