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Did Bill Self overreact to Brannen Greene's dunk vs. K-State?

IMHO, Cowherd is easily one of the worst sports media personalities in the business, so his thoughts don't mean a lot to me.

I think Coach Self overreacted a bit, but I'm fine with it. Greene has not shown any ability to maintain a consistent level of responsibility and maturity - it's really tiring.

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No-man land: KU’s zone not popular with players

Devonté needs to watch some film. He sure seems to think they're capable of man, but I haven't seen it of late. If our guards weren't getting blown by every game, Self wouldn't have to go to zone.

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A closer look at new KU big man Udoka Azubuike

Not to be overly cynical, but what's the story on "Potter's House Christian Academy" and the over/under on how long until eligibility questions arise?

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Mayor's girl: Daughter of ex-Cyclone coach Hoiberg at KU now

Hoiberg is a class act, I'd expect nothing less from his daughter.

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Lawrence High defensive end Bledsoe picks Oklahoma over KU

That's a shame.

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Jayhawks’ effort called into question

The fact that a KU team would EVER not try as hard as they are capable is completely unacceptable. You wear the Kansas name on your chest, it should be a given that you put forth 100% effort each and every time you step on the floor.

The more I read or hear about this game, the more I'm glad that I had to miss it because of work.

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Familiar feeling: KU falls at West Virginia for third straight season

I didn't get to watch the game, but from the box score, it was all free throws and turnovers. We out shot them percentage wise from the field and from 3pt. Rebounds were close. Our FT percentage was only slightly lower, but they outscored us by 20 points JUST from the line (33-47 to 13-21). I don't get how there can be that much disparity (especially since I didn't get to see it), but that along with 22-11 turnovers, that just CANNOT happen.

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The Day After: Simply put, one of the best games in Allen Fieldhouse history

Agreed. Our depth would have become a much greater advantage if it kept going. Even Hield seemed to be getting tired - some of his later shots seemed short due to exhaustion rather than just being off. And Spangler, less than 100% to begin with, looked really gassed. Add people fouling out and the advantage would be ever moreso.

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The Day After: Simply put, one of the best games in Allen Fieldhouse history

Was talking about that with some friends. I think, objectively speaking, yes. As a Jayhawk, the end results of the games make the 1988 and 2008 championships rank slightly higher. :)

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The Day After: Simply put, one of the best games in Allen Fieldhouse history

While Lattin was already a poor free throw shooter, I think "The Phog" made sure he missed to make up for the blown call where Mason got hacked across the face *before* Lucas went over the back. The right call gets made there, Mason shoots FTs to win the game for us instead.

Truly the best game I have ever seen in my 46 yrs on this earth.

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