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Column: Wide receivers aren’t problem for KU

Because he's played in what, 5 college games EVER? You can't quit on a kid that fast.

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Cozart talks with media about Duke outing

Gotta love the kid. I hope he starts to grow into the role.

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Column: Wide receivers aren’t problem for KU

Chandler - you're exactly right, and McCay is actually the one that saved it from going into the endzone originally, before Shaw dorked up the play. Check my post above.

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Column: Wide receivers aren’t problem for KU

I just went back and watched the replay on ESPN3. McCay made a great play to knock the ball back and keep it in play. Jake Love was approaching at a very manageable speed and you could even see him starting to reach for the ball, and Shaw came flying in from the side like a maniac and knocked it into the endzone. You can even see Love after the play holding his arms out like "What the &%??" - his reaction is actually kind of funny.

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The Spodcasters examine Charlie Weis' future and KU's upcoming game vs. Central Michigan (Spodcasters)

So here's my thing and what I just don't get. Regardless of whether SEMO is a good team or not, that first quarter was ridiculous and we looked really solid for the most part. How we go from that to 7 quarters of crap just boggles my mind.

I've said before - our kids can't possibly be as bad as they look - there's just no way. And whether our coaches are the best or whether they're the long term answer, or whatever, they aren't complete slouches. Everyone is certainly trying hard. I just don't get how we can put such a bad product on the field.

So, Tom, I'll be one - I can see it, based on that first quarter. But yeah, certainly not gonna predict it.

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Column: Wide receivers aren’t problem for KU

Yeah, it was Tevin Shaw making some stupid sliding dive at the ball that was just pretty much sitting there - actually I think it may have actually been moving further into the field of play. Any one of the guys could have just walked up to it and downed it. Completely boneheaded move.

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Column: Make or break — CMU game could seal Weis’ fate

That's my thing too, Ron. I was commenting about that to a friend. There is no way that our kids are as awful as they look - I just don't think that's possible. And like 'em or not, our coaching staff is not made up of complete scrubs. I just don't get how we can put such a horrible product on the field. I feel for everyone involved.

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Column: It's time for Cozart to show off his speed

After three consecutive years of not having a capable QB, I don't see how Powlus still has a job - we need someone that can truly develop a QB.
Although I do have some hope for Cozart, since for all intents and purposes he's brand new at this.

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FINAL: Duke 41, Kansas 3

I'm much rather that you GOOOOOOOOOOO

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KU releases ticket info for 60 years of Allen Fieldhouse celebration; mock NBA drafts; Embiid dances

Wondering if this is something that will be recorded and made available in DVD format? Seems like the sort of thing that should be made available to the entire Jayhawk Nation.

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