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2017 PG Trae Young picks Oklahoma

I don't really mind the pitches made by coaches and the recruiting they do. I just don't give a crap when 5 star Bobby Diva cuts his final 17 teams to his final 6 and then his big announcement day is coming up in two weeks and then it's the big day and he has a freaking televised press conference to announce. Far as I'm concerned just sign some kids and I'll see em when they hit the court.

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2017 PG Trae Young picks Oklahoma

Honestly couldn't care less about this. I'm confident in Self to win with whomever we get/have.The attention and hoopla about hoops recruits is tiresome.

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Four-star WR Chase decommits from KU football

That's exactly how I interpreted it as well.

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Four-star WR Chase decommits from KU football

I'm hoping that he might end up coming anyhow.. The thing that annoys me the most, based just on how his post reads, is that it doesn't sound like he had a change of heart, it sounds like his parents talked him out of it..

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Looking back at KU basketball's milestone victories

Found a list of rule changes on a Syracuse hoops site that said that defensive goal tending was banned in 1944-45. That would definitely have an impact if previously you could just jump up and swat any shot away. Maybe that's the one?

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KU forward Carlton Bragg: 'I'm glad it's over'

It's in the Top Headlines section on ESPN's College Basketball page (at least it is as of right now (10:10pm CST)

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Transcript: Matt Tait talks KU-UMKC as Bill Self goes for win No. 600

I would NEVER love Marshall. The mere thought of him as our coach makes me nauseous..

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Postgame Report Card: Kansas 89, Stanford 74

Free throw shooting - F

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Jayhawks drop season finale at K-State, 34-19

The biggest problem is that Stanley, while a good player who seems to run the game well, has a horribly weak arm. Hope he can strengthen it up some in the off season.

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False Start: Jayhawks can't recover from slow start in 48-21 loss

And a rarity, we actually finished stronger than we started. Granted, they pulled their starters towards the end of the game, but we won the second half. How often does that happen? I like Stanley moving forward. Michael Maris, you're right though - his longer throws sure do float.

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