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Oklahoma prep O-lineman commits to KU football

OR..and now hear me out..OR Les Miles knows what hes doing and you probably don't?

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Report: FBI gives NCAA clearance to begin investigating some basketball programs in corruption scandal

I assume you say this as some kind of expert?

It is literally standard operating procedure for the FBI to do background checks for the federal government. So yes, they should have been involved in the renewed background check of Kavanaugh

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Report: FBI gives NCAA clearance to begin investigating some basketball programs in corruption scandal

So are you mad the FBI is doing its job or mad that its negatively affecting us? The FBI employs 35k-40k employees. Some of them work on the special counsel's Russia investigation, some of them work on this college basketball case, some of them work in terrorism, etc. So what are you mad about again?

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Defense attorney argues Bill Self knew about payments to families of KU players

There's a reason why this wasn't presented as evidence but was used in his closing statements. You can essentially say *almost* whatever you want in your closing statement. If he had legitimate evidence, he would've used it.

Not to mention, in what world would Bill Self risk his career to pay the 100th best player to come to KU?

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'If that's what it takes': KU assistant coach taped by feds discussing recruit's demand for cash

Why are you bringing up politics? Leave it be. The FBI also consists of more than like 4 people. They work on different investigations.

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College basketball corruption trial under way

except its not the supreme court..

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Notebook: Jayhawks say it was 'tough' to lose freshman Billy Preston, wish him luck in Bosnia

I could've sworn I read multiple times that it WASN'T registered with the athletic program and that was part of the problem. Did I misread that somewhere?

Its clear KU knows more than they're saying, but that doesn't make KU or Bill Self shady. That is standard procedure. We probably won't ever completely know unless the NCAA decides to comment, or the Preston family.

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K.J. Lawson issues apology for vulgar video clip toward former coach Tubby Smith

I think this is being blown a little out of proportion. Before I had watched the video, the reaction made me think he went on a long and super offensive rant. I was actually afraid to watch it. Saying f tubby? Not smart, but not that big of a deal either. Self isn't pulling his scholarship because he made one dumb comment. He will get an earful from Self I'm sure, and I don't imagine it'll happen again under Selfs watch.

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KU freshman Josh Jackson eager to atone for past mistakes

Once you turn 18, you don't just automatically mature 10 years and become an adult. He might not truly be a kid, but he's definitely not an adult. People that age make mistakes. I'm sure you were completely perfect, but that isn't the case for 99.9% of people. If only we could all be like you!

I actually thought his response to these tougher questions showed a lot of humility and maturity. He seems like an overall good kid and I hope it was a learning experience for him.

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TCU shocks Kansas in Big 12 quarterfinal

There's a slight chance you're overreacting.

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