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Longhorns shrug off Markieff Morris' banter

Could any of us handle all the pressure and issue that 18 year old kid has gone though? Doubt it. He needs to work hard, get his confidence back and we will see a dominant player next year!

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Chilly reception: KU rolls in ‘dead’ arena

There were not 9000 fans there. I would say 5-6000. That place holds 15000. What a waste of space, they have never packed that place.

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Self, Pollard sport red heels to support fight against domestic violence

Only in Lawrence. haha. That will fuel the flame for the Grapes.

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Brandon Rush suspended five games for violation of NBA drug policy

you folk don't understand sarcasm.

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Brandon Rush suspended five games for violation of NBA drug policy

90% of black players in the pros smoke it, probably 75% in college. I believe the NBA has a racist policy here, or it least the rev or someone might say so soon. haha. We just hope these players come to KU and win to make us feel good and stay out of trouble. We do not respect or want to be their friends. Good luck Rush

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'Downtown' Terry Brown finds ‘second passion’ in graphic design

Was a member of the Kansas Jay Hawks? haha. Roy boy used to say at camp that the shot can be ugly as hell, but it does not matter if one has great follow through. Terry had great follow through. I was at that game where he shot in 11 3's against North Carolina State.

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Collison tickled OKC added Aldrich

It's a shame Collison's game never prospered in the NBA, but he has made a lot of money and does contribute in OKC. Cole will have a nice long career.

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Jordan’s call gives Collins' spirits a lift

Stay off the ribs, chicken, collard greens, and macaroni and cheese Sherron and you will have successes!

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Boschee reflects on journeyman Gooden’s new deal

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Oregon prep standout Terrence Jones picks Washington

Thank you. Makes sense. Sounds like KU was kind of an after thought anyway. He wanted to check KU out, but we are far too loaded at his position at this point in time. Granted, he could have stepped in and played meaningful minutes, but he would have had to of beaten out some talented folks that have been biding their time. I think KU is better off in the end.

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