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Jayhawks victorious in Week 5 of ITA Summer Circuit

Outstanding! RCJH

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KU football picked last in preseason Big 12 poll for 9th year in a row

Maybe this is "the time" because the other times you're referring to are all past and gone opportunities. We can't do anything about them. But now we have a chance to start over, start new. So NOW it "the time" because it is here - now.

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KU football picked last in preseason Big 12 poll for 9th year in a row

A terrific expression of what a KU fan's right understanding and purpose should be.
I can't be at any games, but I sure would be there if I were able.
Thanks, Brett, for an optimism and purpose that's really well said.

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Nick Collison, Perry Ellis honored by separate Kansas Halls of Fame

I always enjoyed watching those two guys play. They've worked hard and accomplished much. Congratulations to both of them. Always Jayhawks. RCJH

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After heavy freshman feel in 2018-19, Kansas basketball likely moving back toward a veteran lineup

Well Jay, I can't comment much on players' skill sets, defense, offense, etc. Just don't know enough about those criteria per player. But your post is a fun read for me. You did good.

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KU's Kerr Johnson Jr. a WR 'you better pay attention to'

Kerr Johnson Jr.!

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'Unreal': Freshman RB Pooka Williams ignites rare KU football road win

Is Idaho State a major college? The article states, "... the Kansas football team, losers of a major college football record 46 consecutive road losses..."

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KU soccer tops Butler in ranked match

I'm not familiar with soccer terms and jargon, etc. I need help with this statement from the article: "McClure picks up her fifth point of the season after her pair of goals Friday night, which leads the conference in points (13) after three weeks." What does that mean? Does McClure have five points, or 13 points? If she has five points do they lead the conference, or does the 13 (that an unnamed player has) lead the conference, or are the 13 points a team total that leads the conference?
Thanks for the help.

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Tom Keegan: Young new safeties coach Cassius Sendish mature beyond his years

Coach Sendish is a KU guy moving into a bright future. RCJH to him!

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