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Column: Love, Wiggins trade logical

If it was a no-brainier they would have made the trade already. The question is do you want a proven 20-10 guy who plays little to no defense who is only 25, or do you want a potential Scottie Pippen to LeBrons Jordan and someone who will no-doubt be a great defender from day one? With Kyrie and LeBron on the same team you don't need another 20 point per game guy, you need a guy who can take defensive pressure off of LeBron and who doesn't mind not getting his stats. One thing Kevin Love has proven is that he is all about getting his stats. He's going to be a downgrade for LeBron from Bosh in Miami when it comes to defense and knowing his role. Additionally, one of the reasons The Heat lost in the finals is because LeBron was the best player on Off and Def. That wore him down and Wade couldn't pickup the slack. Either way there is a case for both sides. I'm in the camp WTO keep Wiggins on the Cavs. Love will get his regardless. Wiggins needs to learn from te best to be his best.

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Bill Self talked with Cavs about vacancy

This is all about leverage on a future contract.

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Andrew Wiggins back atop ratings after 19-point effort against WVU

It's ClubTrillion not Trillion-Club.

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KU men return to TCU mindful of last year's loss

Most of you are complaining about Bill Self's post game antics and his ability to find the negative after every game. I would argue that these are the characteristics that make him so great. You don't win the league every year by letting your team get away with subpar or poor performances. You don't send guys to the NBA by setting a low bar in practice or games. To be great at something you might just have to be a dick sometimes. Nobody likes hearing that but it's true in a lot of cases. Bill Self is obviously a great man (he gets major props in senior speeches and has charitable foundations) but that doesn't mean he has to be "nice" all the time. Don't project your mean boss or your overbearing wife on Bill. He deserves more credit than most of you are offering.

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No. 4 recruit Cliff Alexander picks Kansas basketball

One thing that I haven't really seen mentioned yet is that our team looked AWESOME going small. How great was it to see Mason at the point with Tharp at the SG? This is something that will help us come March. In the Bill Self era we have been bounced out of the tournament by mid majors that are typically playing small ball out of need. We took the small ball challenge from Coach K (the system he ran for the Olympic squad) and beat him at his own game. This might be the biggest development coming out of the Dook game.

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Self visiting top prep basketball recruits

Are you kidding me? I'd let Wiggins wear a different retired number every game if he wanted to. Good thing we don't have to worry about that because we only retire jerseys and not numbers.

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Ex-Jayhawk Newton achieves goal of becoming NBA GM

This article has the word Wiggins in it

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Jayhawks aware of Rice QB’s talent

Didn't know if anyone else saw this one...

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Paul Pierce making noise in New York

I visited NYC and Brooklyn in February of this year. We stayed 3 nights in Brooklyn and I can attest they are having a rennesance. It's where all the hipsters live and they have great food, a great nightlife, and a unique shopping experience. There are plenty of rich folks in Brooklyn and its a place with a lot of momentum right now. Plus Jay Z being a former minority owner of the franchise and their really great rebranding have skyrocketed their merchandising success. I live in LA and there's a ton of folks repping Brooklyn Nets gear. There's a definite cool factor. Unfortunately I think athe Truth is wrong here. Just like the new look Clippers will never overtake the Lakers hold on LA, the Brooklyn Nets fans will never grow to exceed that of the Knicks.

Also, most of New York is a dump. Even the nicest areas are dirty and give you an uneasy feeling walking around at night.

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Basketball notebook: McLemore erupts in summer league finale

The only problem is that Kenny Gregory and Keith Langford agree with me. Although Bruce Bowen is a great call. If a guy from Cal State Fullerton can make it then TRele has a shot. A long one, but its still a shot. Unfortunately, Bruce "bow tie" Bowen is THE best case scenario, but the more likely route for Rele is d-league or overseas. I wish him luck but I'm not betting the farm.

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