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KU freshman Josh Jackson suspended 1 game for inattentive driving incident, not telling coach

The real story hear is that Josh drives a Jetta

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What are Joel Embiid's chances of making all-star team as rookie?

It matters because with rest a lot of players would put up bigger numbers. He probably is the most entertaining big man in the east but that's not the criteria.

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Self's stamp: How KU transitioned from Roy’s Boys

No one in California calls it "Cali". It's a true sign of an outsider trying to sound cool.

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Ranking KU basketball's one-and-dones

Also, your assessment of Xavier's pro career is a little off. He's been completely injury plagued. I watched just about every game he played as a Laker and he was basically the highlight of the season for Laker fans. I know he's struggled to be healthy but that would not have changed with an additional year of school. When you're the 12th pick in the NBA draft you have zero reason to return to school, even if you're a bust (which he is not). Injuries, not a lack of schooling, are the cause of his situation.

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Tarik Black auditioning for his NBA future

As a Laker fan and a huge Jayhawk fan I LOVE that Tarik has a future with the team! Ironically they had to waive Xavier Henry to get him. X was a surprise last year for the Lakers and I hope he finds a home in the NBA.

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Report: KU assistant coach Jerrance Howard fined for drug offense

Also, I wouldn't blame HCBS if he fired J How. I'm just not rooting for it...

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Report: KU assistant coach Jerrance Howard fined for drug offense

Yes! I want Bill Self to "throw away his integrity"... Are you kidding me right now?! You sound ridiculous. Listen to yourself! Do you really think this will lead to postseason bans. Get a clue!
You sound like one of those people who thinks weed is a gateway drug that leads to heroin addiction. C'mon man!
Are you one of those dudes who thought we should jettison the Morri after an air soft incident? Did you think that Sherron should have been let go because his wang got loose in an elevator? People make mistakes... Why don't you rally behind a fellow Jayhawk and show support for a brother rather than standing on your feeble moral soapbox? RCJHKU!

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Report: KU assistant coach Jerrance Howard fined for drug offense

My guess is that he gets suspended for as many games as a player would and Bill moves on. I would put money on Bill reevaluating his position this summer. I highly doubt he gets fired... Even in conservative central.
Don't forget this is our best recruiter... Since he's been here he helped to land a couple of GREAT classes. he's a major reason we are landing highly touted players. Remember those "down" years when we were only 5 deep? I, for one, don't want to go back to that just because of a minor mistake.
Have I sold out? Hell yes! would I care if Kurtis Townsend got a DUI? Nope, not if he landed the top recruit in next years class. What if Bill Self comes clean on having a toupe? I don't give a care as long as we keep stacking up those conference titles and final four runs.
Don't you think we can spin this? "Look how forgiving Bill Self is... Look how cool our assistant coaches are. Come play for us!"

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Eh... Move along. Nothing to see here.

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