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KU coach Bill Self eager to see commitment level of trio of transfers

Obviously Self tries to win ever game, but he will not have his usual safety nets entering the season. Udoka is the only constant from last season, with some Garret mixed in. But based on past history, he will never risk the outcome of a game to establish teaching moments. So ultimately the 5 players who give him the best chance to win will be on the court at crunch time.

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Early talk with Bill Self at FIBA Americas fueled Quentin Grimes’ run to MVP

9-17 (20 points) & 10-21 (26 points). I will be surprised if he averages more than 10 shots a game this upcoming season. Assists might be were he can impact the 2018-2019 team the most.

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Quentin Grimes scores 26 as USA defeats Argentina in FIBA Americas semifinal

I watched most of the game and Grimes received a lot of minutes and handled the ball much. His ability to finish at the rim has a way to go, but he played some defense. Hurt and Robinson-Earl were also quite active. Both look like the new bigs, play more away from the basket and can handle the ball. Robinson-Earl's footwork is good and Hurt has the noise for the ball. Notice that old Roy from UNC was at the game "recruiting".

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USA stays unbeaten at FIBA Americas U18 Championship, reaches semifinals

Self is always coaching and uses every play/game as a teaching moment. Those 18/19 year olds who appreciate his level of detail in a 77-point win may see a chance to get better at KU, others will see him as a coach always complaining. Those who strive for perfection will like Self’s style and do well at KU. No matter Self’s reason for accepting this summer coaching position, it is a great opportunity to recruit players who might fit his system and more importantly his philosophy.

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Danny Manning perfectly equipped to aid Bill Self, Team USA at FIBA Americas U18 Championship

Hard to recruit against the likes of NC State and nearby Duke and UNC. Great coaches still need great players to be successful at this level. Manning has shown himself to be a wonderful coach, but recruiting will ultimately define how he does in the very tough ACC, where WF is an after though for the elite players in that region.

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Kansas football off to slow recruiting start

Commitments in the Spring and Summer mean nothing to struggling football programs. Many times players commit to a D1 school to get others interested. Look at past history regarding how many early commits changed course when they got a better offer. This lack of "commits" in June means nothing at this point. Nevertheless, if you can't recruit players from Lawrence and much of the state, you got problems.

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KU's Sharon Lokedi wins national title in 10,000 meters, breaks 30-year-old NCAA meet record

“I've worked so hard for it and I'm just so grateful for everyone who was there cheering for me," Lokedi said. Cheering from long distance. Congratulations. What a wonderful individual accomplishment. Rock Chalk.

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Tom Keegan: David McCormack doesn't look, sound or play basketball like a teenager

If Tom is throwing out superlatives before the first official practice, then looking forward to see him in Big 12 action. I must completely agree with your assessment, “If all KU’s big men make it through the season healthy and eligible, no reason to think the Jayhawks can’t have the nation’s strongest collection of big men“. At least one big “if” will dampen enthusiam until the season starts. Nevertheless expectations should be high if the guard play can efficiently facilitate Self’s high-low action.

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Kansas ties easy to find as AD search begins at KU

I will say again, Drue Jennings will do what is best for the university and will find the best person willing to take on this challenge. Have faith.

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