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David Beaty always puts on good show at signing day

I watch part of his press conference last, which shows why certain player gravitate to Beaty and the KU football program; many talked about the family aspect. But when Beaty said "He’s a guy that nobody’s going to think about and then he’s going to be the guy making all the money playing in the NFL", I thought wow. Few coach would throw out those types of statements for a high school kid that few outside the state knows. It puts some pressure on the kid to be special in a KU uniform. Based on Beaty's prediction, he might be the hidden gem of the class.

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Kansas City guard Ochai Agbaji to reveal college pick Thursday afternoon

Lagerald Vick, Udoka Azubuike and Malik Newman all having been kicked around as potential early-departure..." Time to strive for continuity and not only target kids who think they are one and dones. Self needs to stop running kids off who he recruits to KU and for someone who looks better in high school (Cunliffe name has been thrown around). Look how much production he got from Cliff Alexander, Chieck Diallo, Carlton Braggs, and Billy Preston. Why KU is in a bind this year because of departures (Coleby and then Whitman) and poor recruiting (Billy Preston, our zero and done and De Sousa - De Sousa should be in next year's class but Self's desperation set in). He chose to stockpile for some experienced players next year, and Dedric is suppose to be the cream of the crop. Sam is a great kid and should not be run out of town. We need to have 3/4/5 year guys to get back to final four. Clearly Vick, Udoka, and Newman need another year. Udoka needs to learn to shoot more than 12 inches from the basket to make it to the next level. Without another recruit this team (on paper) should be better than this year's group, but striving for player continuity will lead to even better teams. Where would KU be without their seniors this year - bottom of Big 12?

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11-year-old from Tonganoxie 'signs' with KU football

No one can question Beaty's heart. Welcome to the 2018 class - Tayber Witt #22.

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KU coach Bill Self hopes adding Mitch Lightfoot's effort to starting lineup will kick-start Kansas

On the mark. This season can be summed up by defections (Coleby and Whitman) and misses in recruiting? The weakness over the past few years has been at the 4-spot and the backup center position (Udoka's injury last year). Josh Jackson (the Swiss army knife of basketball), might have been the MVP of the team last year, while playing out of his natural position. The recruits at the power forward position over the past few years, Cliff Alexander, Cheick Diallo, Carlton Braggs, and now Billy Preston have provided very little to the team. Ideally, one would have felt good going into the season with Udoka being backed up by Coleby and Preston being backed up by Lightfoot, and Vick, Garrett and Cunliffe backing up the starting 3 guards (Graham, Svi, and Newman). This move is Self's effort to try and overcome one of the team's holes he created, i.e., still only 9 eligible players scholarship, including Sam who does not play and De Sousa who was Self's desperate attempt to fill the void he knew was coming with Preston. Vick's effort might be poor, but he does not have the physical attributes of Jackson last year and has a hard time guarding bigger players when taken inside? Now fouls will be a real issue to Udoka and Lightfoot, if De Sousa continues to struggle.

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KCMO all-state QB Maples to walk on with KU football

Recruiting is challenging enough, without a fan base that is negative towards a young man willing to initially pay his way to get a shot at earning a scholarship and helping turn the football program around; whether under Beaty or his predecessor.

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Game day Breakdown: No. 7 KU basketball vs. Oklahoma State

Both TCU and Texas are favorites (if you believe the point spread set by Vegas experts). Big 12 road wins have been hard to come by for the most part. If I recall correctly, our friend Jesse Newell reported on 810 that since January 3rd, KU has won 3 road games whereas the rest of the Big 12 have combined for 2 road wins. The road to the Big 12 typically goes through Lawrence, but this year any separation has been due to KU winning away from Allen Fieldhouse.

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Bill Self against altering transfer rules to make players immediately eligible

Whether true or not, the student athlete signs to play at the "University of Whatever" for whomever is the coach. Yes, the majority of players are recruited to play for a given coach, but the basis of scholarships is the athlete is committing to a University. Free agency in college athletics would be the down fall of many programs. There are too many kids who would look to leave when things got tough or look to enhance their profile after using a lower level program as a form of a minor league. Yes, there are huge inequities in colleges athletics, e.g., salaries. Coaches can chose to leave for greener pastures or they can be fired and the student-athlete is stuck to either wait for a new coach and staff to be hired or they can transfer and sit out a year. Okay, although a stretch, can you imagine what coach would take a job, for example at KU, if a Beaty was fired and the majority of players decided to transfer to other programs that same year. The new coach wouldn't be able to even field a team and may never be able to maintain a full roster (you can only recruit so many players a year and if more transfer without consequence than can be recruited then the program is running a deficit in players). Yes, the likelihood of a mass exodus is far fetched, but a rule like this could in theory destroy a program overnight. Self is against this proposal for many reasons, including players who might transfer if they are not getting the minutes they expected early on. Self, like many coaches expect players to earn minutes and certain players might not contribute until year 3 or 4 in the program. If the NCAA removes any restrictions then more players will bail when things are not going as planned, especially in an age where more of the elite athletes are coddled from an early age. This resulting student-athlete revolving door could dramatically impact how coaches recruit and how colleges fund athletics. There still should be hardship waivers to protect the students from truly bad situations, but broad free agency in college athletics could be the beginning of the end.

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Tom Keegan: Rotation likely to stay at seven for Kansas basketball

"Dwight Coleby (averaging 12.7 points, 8.6 rebounds and 2.1 blocks for Western Kentucky this season)". His decision to leave KU pretty much set the tone for this season. As the pundits have proclaimed after a fairly mediocre showing against the SEC, there are no final four teams in the Big 12. I have to agree. Even the national luster of Trae Young has faded. The "KU 7" continue to surprise, but they do not appear to have enough pieces to replicate the near success of the not so deep 2012 team.

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Surprise zone keys Jayhawks' win at Kansas State

Congratulations Jayhawks. Big time win on the road. Glad to see KU is finally winning with defense and making the other team look bad. KU shot great in first half, but those turnovers keep KSU from being completely blown out. And then KU shoots terribly from the field in the second half, but kept KSU's offense off guard with the zone (is Weber clueless - sure glad we have Bill Self on our sideline). Gutsy win and glad to have Mitch coming off the bench and doing all of the dirty work. Cunliffe, De Sousa, and Garrett (not his night) need to do much more to give the starters a rest. Rock Chalk.

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Free State's Jalan Robinson watches football recruitment skyrocket before signing day

Nothing more pathetic than not being able to recruit a high school player from Lawrence.

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