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Jayhawks blend business with pleasure during prep day in Maui

Self was only 1 for 3 from the free throw line. I wonder who would win between Self and Udoka. Isn’t Self Udoka’s personal free throw instructor? Remember Bill it is all mental.

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KU soccer set to face South Carolina with trip to Elite Eight up for grabs

Keep your eyes set on the prize lady Jayhawks. The Jayhawk nation is rooting for you. Rock Chalk. Go, fight, win!

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Countdown begins for KU's response to NCAA allegations of recruiting violations

The NCAA is far from consistent and the level of frustration continues to build. The NCAA continues to lose respect with universities and athletic departments and could be a thing of the past. The latest involved Tom Izzo, who most all respect, showing his frustration with the way the NCAA handles cases of eligibility.

“There seems to be some growing concern of coaches of NCAA decisions not being consistent. The Associated Press has reported that Michigan State coach Tom Izzo “abruptly resigned from a coaches board Thursday, angered after the NCAA denied an appeal from forward Joey Hauser to play this season” while allowing others to play without sitting out the year. No rhyme or reason with their decision process. See article on ESPN.

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'It’s definitely concerning': KU's offensive woes linger in 31-13 loss at No. 25 Oklahoma State

As emphasize when Miles was hired, it will take time to build his program at KU. I will continue to reserve judgement until he has a team of juniors and seniors that he has recruited. Miles has met expectations with the program he inherited. If KU had beat Coastal Carolina, West Virginia, and/Texas, Miles would have greatly exceeded realistic expectations. His first recruiting class was done with a truncated staff. The key will be his next two to three recruiting classes. If you watched Miles to go one learns that Miles inherited a recruiting staff of one and some students. Significant resources have been directed to the football program and recruiting is at another level. I will continue to be frustrated and disappointed with the results on the field, but will expect significant improvement by years 3 and 4 of his tenure.

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Game Day Breakdown - KU football at No. 25 Oklahoma State

Just like the KC Chiefs, the Jayhawk’s run defense is way too porous. It they don’t improve dramatically today, it will be a long afternoon and a disappointing ending to a highly unlikely bid for a bowl game (3 games is all I predicted they would win this season). It won’t matter how well the offense plays, if the defense is a no show. Here’s hoping that all three phases of the game are clicking. Rock Chalk.

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Runaway rout: No. 5 Kansas crushes Monmouth, 112-57

King Rice is one classy person and head coach. His post game interview with the press (a must watch) showed great respect to KU, it’s fans, and the long basketball tradition in Lawrence even in the face of a lopsided loss. Just wish Moss could of played in NY. The game looks easy when 3’s are falling. Rock Chalk.

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Seniors emphasize resilience as KU soccer heads into NCAA Tournament

Rock Chalk, go, fight, win! Best of success to the lady Jayhawks.

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Former Jayhawk Sam Cunliffe helps Evansville knock off No. 1 Kentucky at Rupp Arena

He looked good last night. I had forget where he transferred, but when I heard his name, I paid closer attention. Good for him - very nice young man. We had a chance to meet with him during the Italy trip and was sorry when he left. He clearly has some raw athletic abilities, and it appears his basketball skills are greatly improved. I was not very impressed with KU, Duke, UK, or MSU in NY, so all might be vulnerable early.

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KU soccer wins first Big 12 Championship title in program history with 1-0 victory over TCU

Congratulations to the Big 12 tournament champs! Rock Chalk. It was a very exciting and intense game because TCU played most of the match on KU's side of the field. TCU had so many more opportunities to score than KU, especially in the second half. I had expected TCU to tie it up on multiple occasions, but kudos to KU's goaltender and the defense in general. P.S. Did not see our AD at the game. Was there a Jeff Long sighting?

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