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Tom Keegan: Basketball man-child Udoka Azubuike doing his best to catch up

Clearly Self whiffed on the 2017 class if Billy Preston never becomes eligible and contributes this year (he put this team's success in jeopardy by adding much needed experience for next year with Moore and the Lawson brothers). Recruiting is a fickled business, and getting a contribution from only Garrett, who has been very good, would rate pretty low on the past year's recruiting class. Losing Coleby, then replacement Whitman, followed by Preston makes KU closer to being "average" than elite the rest of the year unless they stay 100% healthy and De Sousa can actually be eligible and can figure out how to play Self's defense (which would be a surprised). Deandre Ayton (choose Arizona) would have clearly been a welcomed addition to a depleted front line, but Self is one of the best in the business, so hopefully things begin to fall in KU's favor beginning next semester, with Newman beginning to show his promise, Sam Cunliffe contributing now and then, and De Sousa (?), and Preston (??) being eligible. Today's game should be interesting. Bit surprised KU is favored by 10.5, given ASU scores and KU is not great defensively.

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More Frank Mason III could be prescription for Sacramento success

He has game! Look forward to the day his jersey is retired at KU.

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Sam Cunliffe soon will be more than just a practice player for Kansas

Hard to make an impact when Self wants to win and does let young players play through mistakes. Will be interesting to see if Sam makes much of an impact given he will be eligible when the competition is better and Self tends to go with those whom he trusts the most during the game.

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Phone call with Syracuse staff helped Washington's Mike Hopkins game plan for Kansas

As indicated before season, KU would likely miss the Swiss army knife Josh Jackson the most given the current lack of front court depth. Having Billy Preston could help, but Jackson at the 4 provided an alpha dog mentality with more height and an impressive skill set. Love Vick’s talent but not as a small forward.

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SI names Kansas LB Joe Dineen a 2nd-team All-American

Need an entire team of players with Joe’s no quit attitude. He played sideline to sideline until the whistle blew.

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Devonte' Graham, Clay Young spark KU past Syracuse

Heading to the lab to see if we can find something to make Clay grow 5 to 6 inches overnight. When Preston went out, I predicted Clay would get some meaningful minutes (not 12 in a half) since Mitch has been foul prone and most coaches would likely try to get Udoka in foul trouble early. Nice to see a cerebral player like Clay, who is undersize to be a center, show that he has spent his years on the practice squad learning what Self expects. He was consistently in the correct spots on the court when they needed him most. Thanks Clay. The most amazing thing about the game was neither of the announcers even mentioned that a 6'5" walk on was in the game guarding a 7'2" center FOR 12 MINUTES. I appreciate announcers who are not bigger than the game.

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Jayhawks squeeze Orange in Miami

A recurring concerning early is that Newman is not providing his half of "the best backcourt in college basketball". If not for Devonte this outcome would not have been a happy one for KU fans. After watching Newman play in Italy, I expected him to be one if not the best player on the floor most nights. He still does not look comfortable in Self's system, which is surprising given it should highlight his strengths (he can score in many ways). Reminds me a bit of Svi during his first three seasons (not this year of course) that if Svi was not making his three point shots, he checked out on other parts of his game and was at times a liability. Newman would have sat more last night if not for Garrett struggling mightily against the zone. For this team to be great (obviously they need Preston to play), Newman will need to continue to get more comfortable with Self's team defense, learn to give up the ball on breaks when a pass is better than his one-on-one approach, and look for his shot within the flow of the game.

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Jayhawks squeeze Orange in Miami

Impossible to know what was going on during the game with Dickie V. Would be nice now and then to tell the viewing audience who the foul was called on and why Syracuse got the ball out of bounds after there was a lane violation on their free throw attempt. Wasn't worth having the sound on if the announcers had no interest in the actual game.

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Jayhawks remain 'hopeful' Billy Preston will rejoin the KU lineup

The question might be "who paid for the car?" The car is registered to Billy Preston. According to 810 the car cost ~$20,000.

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Jayhawks remain 'hopeful' Billy Preston will rejoin the KU lineup

According to Matt Tait last night on 810, there is no indication that the case is even in the NCAA's hands. He speculated it was still within the compliance office at KU.

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