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Devonte's team: KU guard ready and willing to shoulder all that comes with leadership role

Every KU fan would agree, “I would’ve preferred for him to stay all four years,” he joked. “But Jo had to go." I truly believe Self expected Embiid to play at least 2 years; however, Joel developed so fast there was no hiding his talent. Here is hoping Udoka has a monster season and that Billy and Mitch can compete at a high level. No Swiss Army knife known as Josh Jackson on this team, so the 4 guard lineup might not look quite the same.

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2018 point guard Devon Dotson commits to Kansas

Self never makes promises that you will start before even arriving. Dotson will have obviously have a chance to compete for playing time as does every play who is recruited to KU. Competition is what brings out the best, while exposing weaknesses. Self plays players who can play team defense, which always puts freshman at a disadvantage, since most come from programs where offense is emphasized. Remember Tarik Black started until Embiid learned the ropes. I will admit if Self can get Williamson, it might be one of his best classes (hard to beat one that had both Wiggins and Embiid).

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Joel Embiid 'thankful' for time at KU

If times were different and players like Embiid stayed longer in college, I believe Joel would have been the most dominant player to suit up for KU since Danny Manning. What a talent. Here is hoping he stays healthy and has a long and successful NBA career.

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Notebook: Beaty remains faithful in Bowen and KU defense

Yes, the defense is poor, but few HQ would make a move in the middle of the season (also must consider recruiting). We can see how well MU turned it around after firing their defensive coordinator a few games into the season. These are matters that have to be decided once this disappointing season comes to a close.

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With the waiting now behind him, Malik Newman is ready to roll

If the play we watched in Italy is an indication of things to come, he will be a big time contributor this season. His first half of the 32 point game was reminiscent of a "Curry-like performance". However, a national championship run will depend on the limited depth of the frontline and staying healthy.

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List of potential players in college basketball scandal continues to grow

Families with limited means are in some cases hoping/depending on their sons doing well enough in college to get a pro contract. The latter is somewhat easier given the number of opportunities outside just the NBA. However those deals won't ever approach, say an Embiid recent contract of a life changing $148 million 5 year deal. For some, even $15,000 can make an impact. It is past time to let those that can bypass college jump to the next level, and then have college administrators with the NCAA revisit the level of stipends across all student athlete.

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Sluggish again: Early defensive missteps haunting KU football

It all starts at the line of scrimmage. Out "bigs" continue to get pushed around and fail to apply constant pressure. Since they also don't stop the run well, it all comes down to the linebackers and safeties to make the tackles. KU also can't stack the box since the DB's can't cover man-to-man. I don't think a coaching change(s) on the defensive side will make much of a difference this season.

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Out of bye week, Jayhawks preparing for talented Texas Tech offense

Different year same problems, e.g., "One of the main areas of focus was turnovers on both sides of the ball. Kansas ranks 119th in the country with a negative-five turnover margin, only ahead of 10". "We feel like one of the things that we need to do a lot better job of is turnover margin,” Beaty said." One can only hope that eventually some of his "coach speak" turns into reality on the field.

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2017-18 Jayhawks prepared to practice for real on Tuesday

Amazing how the game can change with a little or a lot of coaching. The Jayhawks at times looked pretty good in Itay, against clearly over matched opponents; however, that scrimmage at Late Night did not include much taught/learned before the Europian trip.

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Late Night big night for KU women's basketball recruiting

Like football, women's basketball is in the third year of a rebuild (although Brandon Schneider did not inherit as big as mess as David Beaty and basketball can be turned around with just one year of good recruiting). Hopefully, the 2017-2018 version of the lady Jayhawks will be much more competitive in Big 12 play than his first two teams. Glad to see some height.

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