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Roy riled up about UNC's seed, not possible KU match-up

Goodwin stated after their loss that night that any of them would be "delusional" to not come back.. you never know though.

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Jayhawks fired up to win one for Mario Chalmers

Probably one of the best things I've seen in a while! Hilarious!

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Rise & Sign: National Signing Day rockin' and rollin' as letters arriving quickly in Lawrence

I normally work at 6AM.. alarm goes off at 5. You WILL be hungry by 10, even with breakfast!

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Close shots partly to blame for Elijah Johnson's offensive struggles

We know he can finish, we know he can pass. We've seen it. He needs to get whatever it is out of his head, take it strong to the basket, finish, or make strong passes. That's it. It's not rocket science.

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Statehouse Live: Bill would require KU to play Wichita State University in basketball

Another somethin' for nothin' idea that could only be cooked up in the political arena.

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Kansas is new No. 1 in USA Today coaches poll, No. 2 in AP

We'd have to lose a few games to fall down to a different seed, we were #2 in this poll last week.. still a #1 seed.

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Kansas is new No. 1 in USA Today coaches poll, No. 2 in AP

We have 4 senior starters.. they've experienced this before. Congrats guys, now let's show them they were right!! RCJH

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KU moves up to No. 2 in coaches poll, No. 3 in AP

Andy Katz and ESPN are picking us to lose tomorrow.. come on boys, let's get this offensive slump busted!

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More love for Allen Fieldhouse from Philly writers following KU's win over Temple

Travis' reaction to his made three was classic. It shows just how much they care. And that, as a fan, is all we can ask for!

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Solitary swipe: Ben McLemore's late steal turns tide in 69-62 KU win

I think most of the game was somewhat balanced.. but it did take till the end of the game for us to start getting some calls, yet, the kicked ball, Kevin being taken to the ground, and the shot that should have been ruled goal-tending were examples of how poor the officiating was most the game.

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