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KU freshman Joel Embiid headed to NBA Draft

I have read a lot of these type of comments and am not directing this strictly to you but people are being a bunch of children about this. He appears to love KU, love the campus life and appreciate his commitment. Could you really turn down 10 million doing what you do and say goodbye a few friends? The answer is yes, yes you could. Any other answer and you are lying to yourself or already have millions upon millions of dollars. He loves basketball and has a chance to play at the highest level in the world and secure his financial future. Be real folks and be happy for him. He is a great young man and anything other than support for him is quite immature.

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Self: Positively no decision has been made regarding Joel Embiid's future

Wait, which are you saying is better?

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Self: Positively no decision has been made regarding Joel Embiid's future

What is best for Embiid? I certainly don't know. Is becoming a better basketball player, at either level most important right now, or could it be personal growth and maturity as a student? Maybe he wants to enjoy this experience because once he signs he will never get this opportunity back. Maybe he wants his own personal financial independence, it seems his parents are doing alright. Maybe he wants to be the center of the spotlight and be maybe the biggest rookie story in the NBA next year. I don't know, none of us really do. As a fan I am worried that his back issues will push him into the NBA due to fear of reoccurring issues and detriment to his future career. I hope, selfishly, he stays, and we get to experience the joy of watching him another year. He is good for basketball, but even better for KU and Jayhawks everywhere!

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Opinion: Nice guy McLemore must beware frauds who come with fame

Do you just read articles to find issues? It was a good article, discussing something that is unfortunately common with these guys.

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Next KU victory will be Bill Self’s 500th

I know right,, I had to re-read that a couple of times. Please let that pass.

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How former Jayhawks fared in Dec. 21 NBA games

Man Hinrich flirted with a triple double, how sweet that would have been. Glad he's still very effective.

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Opinion: Kansas football still needs help at wide receiver

Keeg- While I agree that Potter lake is beautiful, especially in the fall, nothing tops when we soiled it with goalposts after defeating Oklahoma. Oh what a day. I really miss the donuts at Joe's, those were great. I'm sorry I must have gotten off track, weren't we supposed to be talking about wide receivers? Look Russ, no lines.....whew, what happened there?

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Four-star defensive end Chris Martin picks KU

Reeve Koehler would be a huge pick up. He's huge and loves to pancake (and presumably pancakes as well.). Seems like we've gotten a few SEC caliber guys.

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Weis dials back KU's offense to safeguard defense

I would agree whole heartedly with that first sentence. I do not think however that feeling is common among true football fans. That, IMO, tends to be the erratic, overly emotional "good times" fan. Most knowledgeable fans and those who have been with for years are o.k with the Crist experiment. Guess what, kid has had a rough year, remember, KID. He may be a 5th year, but bashing this kid only shows your immaturity and stupidity.

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