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Opinion: Dayne Crist can still help KU

No, he throws a good, accurate pass, but our receivers can't catch them. He throws a laser every time and the receivers drop them. Cough cough OMIGIE cough cough

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Cameroon center Joel Embiid to play basketball at KU

"Of Embiid, Harden told “He’s every bit of 6-11. He can do a lot of good things with the ball. He’s only been playing 18 months. He was a volleyball player before that."

Hmmm Seven-Footer...Ex-Volleyball player...needs to put on some weight...who does that remind me of........

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Cameroon center Joel Embiid to play basketball at KU

Joel, meet Andrea Hudy. She is your new best friend.

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Just out of reach: KU comes up short in 41-34 double-OT loss to Texas Tech

Sims was actually a Mangino holdover that Gill was able to keep.

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For KU’s Andrew White, ‘III’ part of ‘legacy’

Seems like between him and Ellis we may have the most level-headed recruits we've had in a while. These are dynasty building blocks right here.

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For KU’s Andrew White, ‘III’ part of ‘legacy’

He's a frosh he will learn, you're a troll you won't.

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KU wide receivers, quarterbacks equal culprits in passing game struggles

Just a wild thought. Imagine what this team could do with Reesing Meier and Briscoe. Just those 3 and the rest of this years team. The biggest knock on Reesing's teams were that there was no running game and no defense. This year there is running game and defense, but no passing. I think we could have combined the two we would be looking like national champs.

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KU basketball recruit Joel Embiid to narrow list next week

If they're looking for academics too and he wants to be a business major, this would be a good fit.

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KU's linebackers impress against Texas

Heeney, Tharp and Love, second coming of Mortensen, Rivera and Holt?

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'Not our time': KU can't close out lead, falls 21-17 to Texas

Honestly, we do have some of the most fickle fans in all of sports. We are spoiled rotten by our awesome basketball team and subsequently expect a winner in everything. But there were lots of people who came in planning to leave at half, that stayed the entire way and will be there Nov. 17th. As for me, well I still have no voice. At all.

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