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Opinion: Point guard Marcus Smart shows KU what it's missing

I disagree sir. You have been so spoiled the last few years by the Tyshawn/sherron slashing point guard that you fail to see that we sit at the cusp of watching the next great pass--first point here in Lawrence. If we let Naadir come in and just distribute the things and cash open threes a la Aaron Miles, problem solved.

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NBA Stock Watch: January 2013

Props to the GM who picks Travis up late. He will have just picked up the next Battier/Bowen.

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Notebook: Elijah Johnson believes shooting will improve; KU will wear alternate unis Monday

Not toooo bad, but would be wayy cooler if the background were crimson and the numbers were blue

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Opinion: A look at best recent NCAA Tournament coaches

In terms of this poll yeah they do. Calipari still was the coach in 2008, so for the intents and purposes of this article yes. The wins vacated do count.

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Ex-Jayhawk Zach Peters enrolls at Collin College

I still wonder if there isn't something more at play...

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KU's Elijah Johnson healing, feeling more like his high-flying self

I don't think his camp has SAID anything, but the fact that he schedules our visit when we are playing another one of the teams he was reported to be highly considering it certainly can't be bad.

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Buffs' coach: Kansas 'manhandled us from start to finish'

I like Boyle and the fact that he's having success, it makes us look all that much better as a program. That said, I think he will use this game to teach these young Buffs, and have them ready come tournament time.

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Opinion: Ray Bechard needed big year, got it

It should be exciting to see how the program can build off of this year in terms of recruiting and such. Here's hoping that we can create a perennially strong Volleyball program too!

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Notebook: Zach Peters not on KU bench because of illness

Custer is a local kid who we are keeping an eye on. Kid is a lifelong KU fan ala Frankamp and Ellis, and if he has a breakout JR/SR year I wouldn't be surprised to see him reconsider.

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