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4-star wing forward Jalen Wilson signs with Kansas

You made the right choice Jalen. Welcome to the Crimson and Blue!

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Quentin Grimes withdraws from NBA draft pool, plans to transfer from KU

It's not about Dotson or the PG position. If Grimes was truly good at PG, there would be no hesitation from HCBS from playing both Dotson and Grimes at the same time. In fact Bill loves to play with double PG's on the floor.

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Tom Keegan: If Big 12 expands, Florida is the place

I totally agree, but every time this has been brought up there's always talk about how the state of Kansas wants KU and K-State to stick together, and the B1G doesn't want K-State.

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Tom Keegan: If Big 12 expands, Florida is the place

You're so blinded by your obsession with Houston that you can't see the logic in any counter argument.

Concerning Recruiting, Bill Self already gets top recruits out of Texas. Adding Houston will change nothing. No recruit in their right mind would choose Houston over an offer play at KU, Baylor, Texas, Oklahoma etc.

"Competitive teams with rich traditions"....out of Houston?....come on. You are *really* stretching here. If Houston has competitive teams with rich tradition, then the same can be said about any school in the county.

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Josh Jackson makes ‘Super Five’ team

Right, because we've got so many unfilled scholarships, T. Self is pretty much guaranteed PT at this point....

Back to reality, starting 5 will likely be:
Mason, Graham, Jackson, Bragg, Lucus

Mykhailiuk will probably be first off the bench for guards, and Coleby first off bench for forwards. Vick Azubuike and Lightfoot will probably see decent minutes as well.

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Tom Keegan: KU fails to get Perry Ellis enough shots in first loss

I agree. Self's lack of offensive adjustments based on a current roster is really starting to show itself. He seems to have only 2 strategies:

1. Run the High-Low
2. Give the ball to a slashing guard and let him drive.

The whole offense falls apart against strong well coached teams when both are not working.

Currently we don't have multiple tall athletic reliable post players to run the High-Low. Parry is talented, but he isn't tall enough, and has no reliable partner. Yet, Self still forces the High-Low.

We do have good guards that can slash, but if the High-Low isn't posing a threat, then the defense just clamps down on the slashing guards.

Further, we have great 3 point shooters, but don't effectively play to get them open. The strategy(High-Low) seems to be throw the ball inside, and if there's no shot kick it back out to the perimeter and hope for an open 3. If there's no angle to throw inside, then just toss the ball around the perimeter, or run the weave (which does nothing....ever). If you watch other teams with good shooters, the shooters are sprinting around half court slicing by screens with passes hitting their hands as soon as they come around the screen. I rarely see a screen set for a shooter. Screens are normally just set by the big, for each other or a lob. Instead we have our shooters just sitting in a corner.

It really is getting old. Bill is a good coach, no question....but he doesn't have the roster to hammer down the same old system. Other coaches have his number, and KU isn't athletic enough in the post to enforce the High-Low when people knows it's coming.

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Manning in no rush to face Jayhawks in Maui

"Wake Forest is my favorite college basketball team, but a close second is Kansas mainly because my son is there right now.”

Riiiight......I don't think anyone including yourself really believes that statement Danny, but we understand you have to be politically correct. If and when Bill ever decides to leave KU and you come running for the job we wont hold this against you.

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Column: U.S. 'next plays' its way to victory

The cost was no doubt expensive, but more than likely paid for itself and then some. This website was the go to spot for fans to get the latest info on the tournament, and LJW definitely makes bank off all the ads and third party revenue generators they have attached to this site.

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KU/USA wins gold in double-OT vs. Germany

Excellent game. Was watching overtime on my phone as I drove in to work. Love me some Sling TV.

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Former Ole Miss center Dwight Coleby transferring to KU

I love this: “Other schools were interested in me. Once Kansas called I knew that was it so it didn’t matter the rest of the schools,” he said.

This seems to me like a really nice pickup. He has a mans body (reminiscent of Tarik Black), college experience, and will have a full year of tutelage under Self's system before ever playing his first minute for the crimson a blue.

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