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Kansas-USC to tip off at 8:40 p.m. Monday from Hinkle Fieldhouse

“Wilson scored 22 points and grabbed nine rebounds in 25 minutes during the win, with 20 points coming in the second half.”..,
That was DMac’s line, obviously... Just a heads up Matt. Appreciate the great work you do! RCJ

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KU freshman Jalen Wilson did not travel with Jayhawks to Indianapolis on Monday

Ted, not wanting to get into a political discussion here, but it’s pretty easy to be “universally respected” when you pander to the crowd, or TV station you’re talking to, even though it’s in conflict with something you said days, weeks, or months earlier, AND the media refuses to do its job and call you out on it.

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A look at how all 5 Jayhawks on the floor made David McCormack's game-sealing jumper possible Saturday vs. Oklahoma

Very cool analysis of this play. Thank you Matt!... More of these types of articles for us junkies. Lol

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NCAA response highlights 'egregious' conduct, 'defiant posture' in alleged violations by KU

Did the NCAA just seriously accuse us of a lack of timely cooperation?
Lol, that’s rich.
I seem to remember Cliff Alexander, Chieck Diallo, Billy Preston, and SDS’s cases with the NCAA, literally taking months upon months. Hell with Cliff and Preston, they just quit, they got so tired of waiting. And w SDS and Diallo, the NCAA only moved when they started to get some bad national press from the likes of Bilas, Vitale, and others.
While I seem to remember D. Ayton’s case being cleared up in a matter of about 48 hours. James Wiseman’s was decided quickly as well. I know there are plenty of others, please chime in...
The NCAA has been sticking it to KU for years, and it’s time to punch the bully back. The good news is, that KU appears to be up for the challenge. I think they might figure, someone has to fight back, why not us. It’ll gain us huge respect, and certainly pave the way for some overhaul of some sort.
If we’re going to get bludgeoned w penalties anyway, we might as well go down swinging.

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Notebook: Self believes Azubuike will be 'fine' after suffering ankle injury against KSU

Yeah, not worried about Doke’s ankle. You’re not a true b-ball player unless you’ve rolled your ankle to the outside, like he did (an inside roll, much different).
What I’m more worried about is MG
It sounded, after the game, like he was going to be hobbled the rest of the season.
He was very effective defensively today, but you could tell his O was way off.

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Quick recap: No. 4 Kansas outlasts Dayton in overtime to win Maui Invitational

You know Brett couldn’t wait to get in here after that epic game and be the first to comment something outlandish.
Tried and true troll

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Kansas forward Silvio De Sousa declares for NBA draft, will return to KU if NCAA appeal is granted

Helluva statement by the attorney. If the NCAA cares about STUDENTS, like they claim, SDS needs to be reinstated. He’s not an NBA player, yet anyway, so he’ll end up toiling around Europe (which is ok), or coming back to college where he belongs. Playing basketball and earning a degree that he can fall back on if basketball doesn’t pan out. That’s the idea, @NCAA, right?

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Aggressive Quentin Grimes tops ratings in 72-67 KU win at OSU

Good game by Q. Really liked his activity, and calling for the ball on his 3’s. I still would love to see him drive to the hoop more and draw some fouls. He’s very weak around the rim. The Referees tend to not reward that (call fouls).

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Stillwater survival: No. 15 Kansas dodges bullet with narrow win over OSU

Quentin Grimes is a hell of a good passer. When his confidence is going, you can see flashes of why he was a 5⭐️ recruit.

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