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Game day breakdown: KU football vs. No. 3 Oklahoma

Hey Kansas........what is with the Red uniforms?? Oklahoma's colors are crimson and cream. Kind of strange.....what happened to blue??

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Is there any hope left for KU football? (KU Sports Hour)

No...........the University fired the only coach (Mark Mangino) who had a shred of hope of shoring up the football program. Mangino was offensive line coach at Oklahoma in their national championship year. Go figure.

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Gameday Breakdown: KU football vs. West Virginia

I tuned in to the station listed in the Journal World "Sports on TV" section....Surprise!! The local thieving cable YV jerks have the game on Pay per View. Midco continues to display their stupidity and foolishness for their "customers".

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Road woes continue: Jayhawks fall at Ohio, 42-30

Orange Bowl 2008........Kansas wins........Coach Mark Mangino was former offensive coordinator at Oklahoma.........Coach Mangino was fired by Kansas University........

You do the math.

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Late Night 2017 officially set for Sept. 30

Hey!! Kansas University!! It is FOOTBALL know.......those balls with points on the ends??

Where is the gigantic pre-season orgy for the Kansas football team??

You jump the gun with this gigantic orgy for the collection of pre NBA prospects that usually bombs out in the national NCAA tournament in the fall.

Where is the university support for the football team?.........Huh??

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David Beaty outlines long process it will take to turn KU football into a winning program

Marcus...........didja have to mention.....John Blake??.... Some really bad memories for us Sooner fans!

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David Beaty outlines long process it will take to turn KU football into a winning program

Thanks, Len for your reserved comment about OU basketball!! Actually......there used to be people in Norman that were only vaguely aware that they made balls that did have points on the end! BB has not been much of a barn burner there. I do remember the year some time ago that OU and KU ended up I the national finals, Wayman Tisdale was the big star in the game for OU back then. We don't get too many players of that quality. I wonder whatever happened to him?

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David Beaty outlines long process it will take to turn KU football into a winning program

Owen Stadium in Norman has been recently upgraded and improved. The new additions and improvements look really great, at least from what I can see. I have not been there for some years.

Such improvements at KU would be great. I have been in that stadium and similar improvements and upgrades would be really great for the fans and the team. I hope they can get this project off the ground and moving. I do like to go to the KU-OU games here.

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David Beaty outlines long process it will take to turn KU football into a winning program

"not with the shape the program is in."

And one must ask the question.... "Why is the program in the shape it is in?" As some of you know I am an Oklahoma fan, have been for many years. But as a resident of Lawrence, I have always wondered why the local university continues to field such a poor example of a sports team. They certainly do well in basketball, there is a great celebration of the basket ball team even before the end of football season. Where is the university's support for the football team??. I do not see it.

At OU as you probably know, football is a religion in Norman dating from the Bud Wilkinson days of the 1940's. Other major football schools, Alabama, Ohio State, USC, Florida State have great success in fielding a great team almost every year. What is wrong at KU? Why does the university do some research as to why their team is the yearly doormat of the Big 12 Conference?? It always seems to make me wonder how this program can be so flawed and unsuccessful year after year.

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KU's Devonté Graham excited to see new-look Kansas basketball team come together

It is football season (well....almost..) Where is the giant orgy supporting the football team? Like the "Late Night" for the basketball program.......Why does the university ignore it's football team and then sponsor a huge orgy in the field house (during football season) for the "other" sport at the university. This has always amazed and troubled me.

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