Ralster Jayhawk 5 years, 1 month ago

Hey, Im just sending you this note as a fellow Jayhawk (friend). All politics aside, just as a KU alumni, I felt bad that most people misunderstood your posts, or got very, VERY political, and personal. Not with you, but I got pretty defensive with actorman, after I posted (in response to someone else posting a joke that they wanted a recount because we swore in the wrong President) that "it didnt matter who the President was, as the country keeps plodding along no matter who, and that I was more worried about KU bball". Well he thought that was ludicrous, but it is truly where my priorities lie. So I got somewhat defensive in my reply, and pointed out that "corporate greed without checks/balances has existed for several administrations" (just debating with him), and so forth. Sometimes an off-topic comment can just bring out the 'devil's advocate' in someone, just to push your/someone's button--and that to me is sad when its fellow Hawks. I guess it made me realize while we all may love KU ball & love our Hawks, it is a large enough University to be quite diverse--meaning there will be a WIDE array of political beliefs. First, it is Kansas, which as you know is a largely conservative state, whatever that means. People's vocation and overall background may certainly help decide/color their politics. People's hot-button issues may be their tax bracket, the environment, education, foreign policy, national defense, etc... I vote the "man", not the party. I like moderates. In my field (healthcare), we got a lot of promises 4yrs ago, but I aint-seen-nothin-yet, and it is definitely 'broke'. I always have hope for a new administration and sincerely wish they can get past the partisan gridlock to actually get things solved for our nation, but history will be the ultimate judge--not me. So to me, the politics or its debate does not matter--its only about positive results out of whichever party is in office. Just get the job done. The pressure is always on them. Kind of like Bill Self--boy what an example of seeing someone succeed! He makes me so proud. I hope our political leaders (whoever they are) also succeed. Anyway, if you ever see me not make a lot of comments publicly about politics, its because I realized quickly (last week) the variety of politics that exist in the vast KU family... Take care, and best regards--RCJH! ralster


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